How to choose an engagement ring ?


choisir bague fiançailles

Choosing an engagement ring has to be a pleasant experience.

With the sufficient amount of knowledge, the enthusiasm to propose to the woman of your dreams, the exercise should be very nice. You will discover on this page the most important things to choose the ideal engagement ring.

STEP 1 : Be familiar with the vocabulary of the Jewelry

By giving the impression that you know what you are looking for will increase your confidence and will help you to communicate with more ease with the various jewels sellers. Here are some of terms to know :

choisir bague fiançailles

Ring body :

It is the circular part of the ring that is around the finger. It is generally made from gold 18k, 750/1000 or of platinum 950/1000, even if it can be realized from another metals combination. Gold is yellow in the natural state and is normally allied to another metal for the longevity. Some people prefer the light yellow color, less pure as 14K or 10K. White gold is some yellow gold allied with white metals to give the impression of an off-white color and must be covered with another metal – rhodium – for a brilliant silvery aspect. The veneer dissipates generally every 3 years, the CELINNI’S House proposes an upgrading of you jewel every 18 months. The platinum is hard, solid and naturally silvered but will slightly tarnish over time with the wear, what is not inevitably a problem.

choisir bague fiançailles

Bezel :

It is the part which contains the stone in position, which is fixed to the rings body. Some Jewels combine a yellow golden body and a bezel in platinum to have a contrast highlighting the center stone. It exists various types of bezels. The most common one is the 6 claws bezel which offers a very beautiful beauty result of the diamond and offers a maximum security.

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Stone :

The precious stone is the major component of the ring, generally a diamond, which is a magic stone and of exception. It is well possible to cause to be manufactured his engagement ring with another center stone than the diamond.

The 4 C’s of the Diamond :

These are carats, color, clarity and the cutting of the stone.

The 5th C : Confidence

A diamond dealer with a good reputation is the first thing to be considered to purchase a diamond. Your diamond dealer has to have a perfect knowledge of his job to assist you in this important purchase. Then, always insist on the fact of obtaining a certified diamond by an independent laboratory. A good professional will indulge to supply you a certificate emanating from an independent laboratory.

Why independent ?

To insure an objectified evaluation of the diamond. There is always a conflict of interests if the person who sells the diamond certifies it herself.

Why a laboratory ?

A good laboratory possesses an equipment of last generation. Some characteristics as the treatment or the artificial magnificence of a stone can be detected only by state-of-the-art machines.

In other words a certificate is an objective opinion of expert. The certification of your diamond is a guarantee for you. Moreover the certificate is worth itself money.

STEP 2 : Choosing a good professional

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There is no ideal jeweler, look for a place in which you feel comfortable. Sometimes, we even recommend to our customers to buy a product two or three times more expensive at Place Vendôme if it corresponds to the character and especially his wallet because the important thing is to feel good.

Attention : Be realist with your budget so that you are not in an awkward situation and say « diamond would be just perfect if it costs cheaper”.

If you can, verify that the professional is a member of a trade association, an interprofessional association. For information, CELINNI’s House is a member of the Antwerpesche Diamantkring which is the Stock exchanges of the rough diamond in Antwerp. Only five French companies are referenced there. It is about the highest jurisdiction in the world of the diamond.

You can choose the Jeweler’s option in showroom or in jewelry.

Ask around you to your married friends or your family for recommendations on a good reliable jeweler. However pay attention to the ‘cousin’s friend’ or other people who guarantee you to make you a great price. It is the best way of paying twice the price rate, so that the ring does not suit and that the after-sales service is non-existent. That is why you must always prefer a structure which exists for several years and which is enough equipped to satisfy you. Sales on a ‘corner of table’ obtain very often disappointment.

You can choose the purchase option on line which can be a good option to obtain a better price.

For that you must be ready to control the situation less (You can consider is as an advantage because there is none pressure of an on-line purchase, the fact remains that a good retailer should not press you). Prefer a web site which sends from France its products and which has its workshops in France also because following a parcel on the territory is much simpler and if a putting in measure or if we have to do alterations, it would be more secured and fast to make the routing and the work in France. Finally, most of the foreign web sites propose prices excluding tax, which means that at the time of paying you must add the French VAT rate (about 20%). If you import a jewel outside Europe you will owe you.

Verify with the jeweler his capacity to conceive the wedding ring matched with the diamond solitary.

The precious stone is the major component of the ring, generally a diamond, which is a magic stone and of exception. It will gain time because it is often not pleasant to redo a whole research.

STEP 3 : Find out her tastes

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Keep in mind that nowadays, women prefer to be a member of the purchase decision of it concerns a ring. Thus if you find that it is difficult to find her style and her taste, we suggest you to offer a temporary ring and to tell him that you will choose the good one together.

Some of the ways to try to work on what she likes :

  1. Inquire about her tastes for rings. If you pass in front of a jewel store, pretend to be interested in watches. Then from time to time, make a comment on the style of the rings by saying that you like some models and ask her for her opinion. If you are good, she will suspect nothing.
  2. Ask to her family some ideas for further information if you don’t mind that they know for your proposal.
  3. Another trick consists in asking to her friends to take her in stores and to inquire about her tastes just to have fun. You have to trust them so that they keep the secret. Nevertheless it is not the best option if you prefer to remain discreet until the moment of your proposal.
  4. Take stock of her tastes linked with her clothes and her jewels. You are the best placed to find out her preferences. Use what you see in your advantage.

Is she a supporter of the fair trade and the human rights ?

Make sure that you look for diamonds without conflict within the framework of your process of choice.

STEP 4 : Fix your budget.

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There is a tradition which wants that the man has to use two months of his salary for the purchase of the engagement ring. That you make it or not, it is not the most important. What matters, it is that you select a ring according to the fact that you can allow yourselves, thus have a good idea of the various amounts before looking.

Give to the professional your budget in a way that he can show you what corresponds to it.

Do not make the error if thinking that if your budget you will get a less good deal. In our time everything comes true on the Internet. Keep in mind the possibility of having a custom-made engagement ring which is more expensive than a ring which is already in shop. Speak with the jeweler on the valuable options, the calendar and the styles which are possible.

STEP 5 : Verify that the ring suits in the lifestyle of your fiancée.

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If this one has a constant and abrupt activity with her hands it’s better to envisage a ring which is capable of dealing with the daily wear of those activities. The more the positioning of the central stone is high, the easier it is for her to hang on clothes, accessories, hair, etc. as well as the probability to take shocks is important. Look for a type of set close to the finger for an active girl and a higher regulation for a very accurate person.

Click here to know how to determine the ballot of the finger of our fiancée if this one is not with you during the purchase.

STEP 6 : Verify the durability of the alloy.

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The duration in time of the jewel is important, because the constant friction and the daily activities will eventually wear out the ring. The office work wears out to her jewels a lot because the paper acts as a soft abrasive on golden bands. If you can allow yourselves, the platinum is the favorite choice of wedding jewels because it is more sustainable than the traditional gold. The excellent alternative for the platinum is the platinum Gold 800/1000 which is less expensive and very qualitative !

STEP 7 : Knowing the diamond.

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Diamonds are the traditional choice of engagement ring because hey are eternal, they resist all the trials of life. Choose another type of precious stones if your fiancée makes a complete rejection of the diamond and if this one told you that she preferred something else. During the choice of a diamond, be very aware of the “4 C’s”, such as explained below :

Carat :

It is the unit of measure of the diamond that refers to its weight (and not its size). The carat is divided into hundredth or in points (100). Engagement rings are often between 0.50 and 1.00 carats but it depends naturally on your budget. It is possible to buy a diamond 1 carat from very small price following the example of its quality.

Color :

All diamonds have colors which vary a lot and most of the buyers will prefer diamonds with a very white color for an engagement ring. Colors are classified from D (colorless and rare) to Z (yellow). Most of the diamonds of very good quality are all around situated between F and H. colors from D to I are acceptable on the White Gold, you can go until K with yellow gold.

Clarity :

In the natural state, there are imperfections in the diamond. The less there are imperfections, the more the light if reflected by the diamond, engendering a maximal shine. Naturally, a better purity increases the value.

LThe scale used for the quality of purity goes from IF to FL for a diamond without inclusions, from VVS1 to VVS2 there are very small inclusions, from VS1 to VS2 there are very small inclusions, from SI1 to SI2 there are small inclusions and I1, I2, I3, for the imperfect diamonds.

Diamonds are enlarged by 10 times to give evidence of their purity so until SI2 inclusions are not visible in the naked eye. It means that there is a range of completely acceptable and available diamonds with mastered budgets. If you can see an inclusion without swelling, think about it carefully.

Shape and cut quality :

There are various manners to cut a diamond, and the shape impacts a lot on the brightness of the diamond. The shape which produces most brightness is the round (or brilliant). The emerald cut has slightly less facet thus this one can seem a little less brilliant. A cut quality of high quality (not necessarily “Ideal”) is more important that the weight or the color or extreme purity : it is better to have a 1 carat diamond H/SI1 very well cut rather than a diamond F/VS2 with a low cut. HSI1 will shine much more. When you buy an on-line diamond you have the cut quality indicated on the certificate.

STEP 8 : Finalize the choice of the frame.

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When you know her tastes, the alloy and the practice aspect of the ring, you can decide on the design of the diamond ring.

Look for a ring which really looks like a simple or accompanied solitary. It is not an unimportant ring, it is the engagement ring, the ring that your beloved is going to love a whole life and to wear almost every day for the rest of your life together. The CELINNI’s House solitaries marry the big current tendencies as well as those of the past.

If our Solitary Diamond collection is insufficient for you, send us the idea of the ring of your dreams to We will make a quotation for you as soon as possible.

If you choose the ring together, let your fiancée have the last word.

STEP 9 : Buy the engagement ring.

choisir bague fiançailles

Pic kit up or receive it just before the proposal; it will avoid you caring you about the place in which you are going to hide it.

Verify beforehand with your insurance to what extent jewels are guaranteed at your home and if here is no guarantee, which are the actions to be undertaken so that the ring is insured.

Ask for an approved report insurance. Certificates are very useful to know with a diamond where it comes from and their quality. International certificates are generally delivered with diamonds with more than 0.50 carats. Down you risk to pay a high price for the paper.

Insure your ring ! The ring may be the most expensive part of all the jewels that you bought, and the most expensive part which your fiancée has never worn. To avoid her having to remove it for an insurance evaluation, get back the document before offering to her.

Good luck , it is time to make your proposal !

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