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Customizing your wedding ring: practical guide

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For this big day, what could be better than a unique custom-made jewel? The wedding ring is the accessory that the bride and groom will wear every day. A symbol of love and union, the choice of the wedding ring should not be made at random. Here are some ideas for creating a ring that resembles you.

Why opt for a personalized wedding ring with Celinni?

At Celinni, we offer a custom service to accompany you from A to Z in the creation of your wedding jewel.

A unique jewel

The wedding band often being a simple ring that lacks personality, it is possible that the future bride and groom decide to opt for more original wedding bands, which resemble no other jewel. Mark the event with a custom-made ring, it's creating a unique wedding band, like your love story. 

During the design of your exceptional accessory, you can think about every detail

Each element is chosen by you, which ensures you create the jewel of your dreams that resembles you.

The future bride and groom also have the opportunity to choose the material that will make up the ring. Thus, they decide according to their preferences between, for example, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum.

The simplified process of creating your wedding ring

The Celinni offers its expertise to future bride and groom to create customized wedding jewels with simplicity.

It is possible to make a project request online or to visit one of our stores. Either you propose a project, because you are inspired, or you ask us to propose a project according to your criteria. It's up to you! In a few days, you receive a proposal that you are free to accept or not.

If the project appeals to you, the Celinni creates a three-dimensional drawing of your future jewel. After your validation, a first model is made in wax then in gold or platinum. Finally, your wedding ring is set with diamonds and/or precious stones to be delivered to you before the big day. 

Some ideas for custom-made wedding bands

Lacking inspiration? These few ideas should awaken your imagination to create the wedding band of your dreams.

Choose a half wedding band with a line of diamonds

Enhance a simple wedding band with a line of diamonds on the visible part of the ring. At Celinni, these models are called half diamond wedding bands.

Depending on your desires, you can request the manufacture of a ring adorned with princess diamonds or round diamonds on the visible part of the ring. Our diamond experts ensure to choose these diamonds in the smallest details for a setting in white, pink, yellow or even platinum, depending on your preferences. For the creation of this type of wedding band, it is often small paving diamonds weighing less than ⅕ carats that are used.

Combine a diamond and a precious stone for your wedding band

Do you like color nuances on jewelry? The combination of diamond and precious stone on your wedding band should make you fall in love.

The diamonds and precious stones you have chosen are alternately positioned on the wedding ring to create a unique and colorful sparkling line. Depending on your color preferences, it is possible to combine small rough diamonds with a red precious stone like the Ruby or another blue precious stone like the Blue Sapphire.

A lineage of black diamond for an original and elegant wedding band

The black diamond is unconventional and yet, it is just as elegant as the more traditional white diamond. Create a custom wedding band by combining the black diamond with the white diamond. This jewel will accompany the bride and groom on a daily basis with discretion.

A choice of matching wedding band as husband and wife

When customizing your wedding bands, why not turn to two complementary wedding bands? Leave aside the idea of wearing exactly the same model or on the contrary, two completely different wedding bands. You have the option to opt for a similar but different jewel.

For this project, get inspired by simple and sleek models with the presence of one or two precious stones on both wedding bands. The design will be the same for the jewel worn by both future spouses, the difference will be made on the choice of the precious stone. Husband and wife, opt for a precious stone in accordance with each of your personalities. If you tend to be often stressed, but your other half is rather zen in all circumstances, Amethyst will suit you more. In addition, this precious stone is also synonymous with love like the choice of an Emerald.

Which option to choose for a personalized engagement ring?

If you are not yet engaged, the custom engagement ring may be what you are looking for. But, what are the inspiring ideas to succeed this magnificent jewel symbol of your love for your other half?

An engagement ring solitaire set with an exceptional precious stone

The solitaire is a ring with a single diamond or a single precious stone. Symbol of eternal love, the solitaire is the reference in terms of engagement ring. To show your unconditional love towards your other half, it's the perfect accessory choice.

Forget the white diamond that lacks personality, prioritize the choice of an original gemstone to set this custom-made jewel. For a unique and truly custom-made ring, why not opt for a gemstone with great significance for you and your loved one, each month has an associated gemstone. Take advantage of the opportunity offered by your marriage proposal by adorning the jewel with a gemstone that represents the month of the future spouses' meeting.

At Celinni, we offer dozens and dozens of different gemstones. This way, you will surely find the perfect gemstone to set the solitaire engagement ring. For example, if you met in March, opt for a pretty Aquamarine and if you met in July, prioritize the choice of a Ruby, symbol of passion.

Get inspired by the originality of our vintage rings

On the Celinni website, you will find many inspirations to create a unique kind of wedding band. Among the most atypical accessories, there are vintage rings.

The Maria ring is a jewel adorned with an oval white sapphire and diamonds. This design is original and elegant. To personalize, you can choose to change the gemstone in the center of the jewel. If green is one of your loved one's favorite colors, why not turn to an oval-shaped Zambian Emerald? The originality of this choice will mark the spirit of your other half who will not be able to refuse your marriage proposal.

The possibilities are endless to succeed in personalizing your wedding jewel. But, if you lack inspiration, our diamond experts are here to assist you in this project. The union between two beings being unique and beautiful, the accessory that symbolizes this union must be just as much thanks to a personalized wedding ring.

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