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Diamond Eternity Rings Bands

Always striving for excellence, Celinni offers the most extensive and advantageous diamond selection on the market. Each diamond that will compose your custom-made jewel is carefully selected by the diamond dealers of Celinni according to your criteria, then hand-set in the greatest respect for the tradition of Parisian jewelry, in our French workshops. Choose from our collections a diamond-paved wedding ring for a union as eternal as this stone.

Full Eternity Diamond Bands

All full tour diamond wedding bands from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our full tour wedding bands are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Stackable Diamond Eternity Rings

All full-circle diamond wedding bands from the latest collections of Celinni are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our full-circle wedding bands are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.


Marriage is one of the most important steps in a couple's life. It is both the culmination of an exciting relationship that has bound two souls together due to a feeling of love they maybe didn't even see coming, and the beginning of a new life as a couple, sealed by a concrete act of commitment. This act is most notably symbolized by the placement of a ring on the finger.a wedding ring. An alliance, as its name suggests, is a union with the aim of helping each other, sharing, overcoming difficulties and complementing each other to be stronger. This meaning can very well apply to the marriage alliance, where the couple commits to love, protect, and live together for better or for worse.
Through a marriage alliance, the couple solidifies this union and gives it a more characteristic and apparent form to firstly immortalize it with an object of eternal value and to proclaim to the entire world 'here we are married!'


A wedding ring is unlike any other ring. Elle unique, whether in its design or its meaning. A ring that one is supposed to wear for life must be both durable, beautiful and eternal. Only one ring can meet these characteristics, it's a diamond ring. The diamond is an incredible stone, the universe has given it a design that is both brilliant, noble, magical and resistant. It is the only stone that has demonstrated its durability throughout the centuries. This stone, worn daily, withstands external aggressions without losing its shine.

For your marriage to be a success and a perpetual story, treat yourself to some diamond wedding rings. This alliance will be part of a family heirloom that you can pass on to your children and then to your grandchildren and beyond. This asset will remain intact through generations to bring your story back to life at every moment and every instant as it will always be worn by a member of your offspring. A valuable jewel like a gold and diamond alliance can always be refurbished to have the appearance of being brand new from the jewelry store.


Before leaving the house to head to a jewelry store to buy diamond wedding rings, it is essential to think carefully and choose your destination wisely. In advance, at home and comfortably seated on your sofa, you can clearly choose diamond rings online. On our Cellini site, a dizzying collection of gold and diamond rings will take your breath away. You just have to scroll through all these sumptuous models on the screen of your smartphone or your computer to see that the world is magical and that you can taste happiness without having to cross the threshold of your house. What's more, you can even chat with our diamond dealers for advice, make a purchase or place an order. your personalized diamond rings. Celinni is renowned for its highly reliable and efficient online service. If you want to complete your purchase in person, make an appointment and join us at our jewelry showrooms where you will see our dedicated diamond experts in person to assist you in your quest for happiness.


Unlike the engagement ring which is reserved exclusively for women, wedding rings on the other hand are intended for both sexes. On the wedding day, the two spouses must exchange rings while also exchanging vows of love, respect, and fidelity. As women are known for their demands for beauty and refinement, especially in the field of jewelry, diamond artisans have rushed to design. diamond wedding ring designs varied and sensational in order to reach the heart of every woman and fill her with joy and satisfaction when purchasing her wedding ring.

It should be noted that wedding rings are most often chosen by the couple because there is no need to surprise the bride as is the case with the engagement ring. The marriage must be consensual and planned.
It is also necessary to remind you that thediamond wedding ring for women should be chosen according to the engagement ring. It is essential that these two rings, which will most often be worn on the same finger, are in harmony whether it's their size, the choice of metal, and the shape of the diamond and its setting.
Here is a collection of templates. Celinni diamond alliances, You will be able to choose the one that suits you, which we can personalize for you with a free engraving.


In the past, diamonds were reserved for engagement rings, but now with modernization, market competition and rivalry, and especially the demand of customers who always want to stand out, diamonds have invaded wedding rings, giving them an even more significant value. The wedding ring, which was once a simple yellow gold band, is now seen sparkling with enchanting pearls set on bands of various precious metals. The most classic model in the diamond wedding ring category is thefull circle diamond ring. This model stands out because the entire ring is adorned with diamond pearls. In this model, several sub-models are available to you to get closer to your personality and that of your other half. The choices mainly lie in the quality of the metal and its color, as well as its carat. The same goes for the choice of diamonds, several shapes and several shades of colors are available, not to mention the carat weight and especially its setting on the ring. Here is an idea of each of our models that you can see in photos on our website:


The diamond barrette ring gets its name from the diamond setting. Small gold bars are used to separate and secure the stones aligned on the ring without hiding the sides of the stones, allowing their brilliance to shine through. This model is simply magnificent, it concretely translates the completeness of your feelings and commitment. It is available in several metals, so you can choose between a diamond barrette ring in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. The same goes for the shape and weight of the diamond.


A diamond claw-set ring is characterized by gold claws that hold the pearl in place to secure it. Thus, two or four claws rise from the ring to curve over the pearl and hold it firmly. You can request more claws if you want, but you must take into account the pearl's need for light.
This wedding ring model is highly sought after, it is available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. The diamonds also come in various shapes, colors, and weights.


The Prestige Baguette Diamond Alliance is a unique wedding ring that clearly stands out from other models. This ring is set with long, well-crafted baguette-shaped diamonds, separated and held by thin, long gold rectangles. Everything is placed between two rings forming a single ring. This wide ring is truly impressive, to see it well, buy it or order it, browse our website or visit us in our Celinni jewelry stores. Like all other models, our prestige alliances come in different metals including yellow, white or rose gold, as well as platinum.


The diamond wedding rings from Celinni are all impressive, one after the other, the model of the diamond wedding ring. Elle It stands out for its rather thick ring and the diamond pearls that appear embedded on the surface of it. A ring in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum is available with diamonds of shape, colors, and weight of your choice.


This beautiful wedding ring differs from the previous model in that the band is pierced and the diamonds are separated by small gold strips, giving an alternating effect between the gold and the diamond. Whether in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum, the diamond wedding ring. mon amour will sublime your finger and forever mark your marriage.


The diamond ring mon trésor From Celinni, it's majestic. The ring in white gold or yellow, rose, or platinum stands out with its raised sides leaving a space for the placement of diamond pearls. These pearls are stacked next to each other to form a continuous and sublime line of diamonds. Come and admire it at Celinni.


The full diamond eternity Pamina ring is paved with diamonds on three rows, giving it a domed appearance. The diamonds are majestically highlighted. This ring is, to say the least, astonishing. Elle is available in Celinni jewelry stores, also online. Contact us, you will have the choice of metal and diamonds that will suit you.


This alliance takes its name from the fact thatelle is set with princess cut diamonds in a rail setting. This sublime ring is very practical, the diamonds are very secure. It's an ideal model for a luxury ring worn daily. As is customary at Celinni, the choice of a princess cut diamond wedding band is varied.


This is another of the most practical and sublime models, the rail diamond alliance is set with brilliant rail diamonds. Elle Suitable for the wedding day or for a wedding anniversary gift. Your partner will be amazed. You can offer it to her in yellow, rose or white gold or platinum, be sure to respect her taste to amaze her well.


Unlike the full diamond eternity ring, the half diamond eternity ring is set with diamonds halfway. Only the visible part of the finger's surface is set with diamonds. This model is very practical when you do not want to risk scratching objects with the tips of our diamonds or claws, and also not to injure sensitive skin like that of a baby for example, since all contact is made with the palm of the hand.
All models available in full band diamond are also available in half band diamond. The same applies to the choice of metal and diamond stones.


Celinni surprises you with colored diamond wedding rings. Stunning wedding rings set with blue diamonds or black diamonds are designed for you. You can choose the model of your choice or request a model to your liking. For more surprise, in our jewelry stores throughout France, you will find diamond wedding rings added to other precious stones such as a diamond and ruby wedding ring. There you will see an alternation between diamond and ruby baguettes. The same exists for sapphire.
Regardless of what is said, it is impossible to list in detail all the fantastic models of diamond rings that can be found at Celinni. Hundreds of models are waiting for you, come discover them on our website, or honor us with your presence in our jewelry stores. Our diamond craftsmen will delight you with their dedication and ancestral know-how.


Men are never left out at Celinni, come and acquire your wedding ring from us, we guarantee satisfaction and wonder. A diamond wedding ring for men is the best choice you can make for the most beautiful day of your life. Make this choice with Celinni, the most dedicated jeweler in France. We will design the most superb jewelry for the exceptional man that you are.