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MY LIFE Collection

"Since the dawn of time, human beings have had the custom of transmitting and telling stories. First orally, then in books, our ancestors have made it a habit to testify about their experiences, and to narrate their lives, as if to leave a trace of their existence.
In creating the Ma Vie collection, I wanted to trace the unique and moving story of a destiny. My wish was for the Ma Vie collection to embody this human tradition of passing on our life experiences.
Indeed, at Celinni, we believe that each of our pieces of jewelry tells a life story. They span across eras, are passed down from generation to generation, and the story they carry is transmitted with them, like a tangible testament to the epics their owner goes through during their existence.
Best seller of Maison Celinni, the jewelry from the Ma Vie collection features a paving of sparkling brilliants, and a halo of brilliant round diamonds that enhance the central stone, supported on elegant prongs.
Composed of diamond solitaires, matching diamond wedding bands, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants, I wanted the Ma Vie collection to be both sophisticated and timeless, for resplendent and eternal adornments, to be passed down from generation to generation.
Meticulously selected by the diamond experts at Maison Celinni, each of the diamonds that make up the jewelry in the Ma Vie collection are ethical and natural, as with all the unique pieces in all of Maison Celinni's collections.