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Women's Diamond Bracelets

With expertise passed down through 6 generations, the diamond jewellers at Celinni demonstrate their artisanal skills by unveiling their bracelet collection. Imagined and crafted in the purest jewellery tradition, a high level of technicality is required to shape these remarkable pieces. These fine and subtle curves, set with diamonds of your chosen size, will enhance any wrist.

Classic Diamond Tennis Bracelet

All river bracelets are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond river bracelets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF, from 1.00 to 8.00 carats.

Fancy Shape Diamond Tennis Bracelet

All tennis bracelets from the 'fancy shape' diamond collection can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, eco-responsible 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond tennis bracelets are available in high jewelry quality natural diamonds in various carat weights, different purities, and different lengths

Diamond bracelets, a story of beauty and humanity

Since the dawn of time, human beings have been playing a perpetual game of seduction. Seduction of their peers, but also of themselves. In their constant quest for perfection, beauty, and ultimate luxury, women and men have always sought to perfect their appearance, enhancing it with clothing and accessories, with jewelry of all kinds. That's why the world of fashion continues to evolve to adapt and always offer the best, in order to enhance this image. Increasingly abandoned for ethical reasons, fast fashion is giving way to luxury brands whose ecological positioning is often more thoughtful. Therefore, the new generations are adorning themselves with carefully selected luxury clothing. If fashion is an eternal cycle, there are some things, some accessories that never go out of style, and that span the ages without ever aging, whether it's a question of ethics or not. This is the case, for example, with diamond bracelets.

From the bone bracelet to the diamond bracelet

Everything that the world has created since its first existence, it has created out of necessity, including jewelry. The first need of man on earth is to survive by feeding himself and protecting himself from the fierce world that surrounded him.

To protect himself from the constant dangers that threatened him in the wild, he needed to arm himself. Man learned everything by observing nature. Seeing that animals are equipped with natural accessories to defend themselves and ensure their continuity on Earth, such as horns, claws, hooves, and fangs, he also thought of making his own accessories from these same animal attributes. Thus, necklaces, bracelets and earrings made of teeth and animal bones were created. He adorned his head with crowns made from bones and horns. In the end, man's intelligence and survival instinct were revealed very early on, which allowed us to exist today.

Over time, man realized the charm that these accessories bring to him, so he began to look for more beautiful and especially more noble materials, preferably offered by nature to enhance himself, and that's how he discovered metals and precious stones.

The bracelet has always served man as a way to show off, whether to display his strength or flaunt his wealth. This explains the tendency of kings and monarchs to adorn themselves with jewelry to the point of immobility in order to impress the world, and especially their adversaries given the tensions between countries that the world has always known. As for women, elle She wore jewelry to show off her husband's power. Until recently, young girls were forbidden to adorn themselves with diamonds, as it was seen as an exceptional gift that should only be offered by the husband. Fortunately, times have changed today.

Women's diamond bracelets

Celinni has based its jewelry expertise on the solid pillars of French jewelry, combined with the discerning choice of gifted diamond traders who have chosen this profession out of vocation and love for diamonds, the result is fascinating. Incredible jewelry collections are displayed in our showrooms and in the windows of our boutiques, immersing you in the world of a thousand and one nights. Combining classic and modernity, Celinni offers sensational women's diamond bracelet models, here are three main models:

• Diamond river bracelet:

The diamond river bracelet is a classic of French jewelry, so named because of the magical flow of a succession of diamonds on a gold or platinum mount, like water running in a river. The high demand for this beautiful jewel has required the diversification of models by playing on the metal and the color of gold and diamonds. Between yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and white or black diamonds, the choice is striking. Take a look at the black diamond black gold bracelet to see the magic of elegance and sumptuousness.

• Princess diamond river bracelet:

This majestic bracelet has always been a delight since its appearance among the best jewelry of French jewelry. A great classic that boasts a river of princess cut diamonds, hence the name princess diamond river bracelet. In white or yellow gold, the sumptuousness remains the same, you just have to refer to your tastes and preferences in terms of clothing, colors and refinement to choose what suits you best. You can request a diamond bracelet with more rows of diamonds if you are looking for more luxury. Note that the prices of our diamond river bracelets, also called tennis bracelets, are very competitive with incredible discount percentages. With these prices, you will understand the reelle Celinni's desire for the democratization of diamonds.

• Diamond river bracelet and precious stones

Other even more extravagant models that will majestically accompany your chic and elegant outfits are designed from the combination of diamond and the three other precious stones namely ruby, sapphire and emerald. The main gemstone river bracelets are:
• Ruby diamond river bracelet
• diamond sapphire river bracelet
• emerald diamond river bracelet
Other secondary models are derived from each of these three main models obtained from combinations of metals of different colors and these exceptionally precious stones, especially for sapphire which is subdivided into several stones. From these combinations, striking bracelets have been born, which are waiting to be discovered at Celinni without delay.

Men's diamond bracelets

At Celinni, men have always had their share of joy and adornment with precious jewelry specially designed for them. The bracelet is the quintessential masculine jewel. The arm is the strength of a man, it is through it that he expresses his power and virility. With a simple movement of his toned arm, he can express everything. Enhanced with a splendid diamond bracelet for men, virility will reveal itself in all its glory. The flagship models of Cellini's men's diamond bracelets are summarized in the following collection, but of course, you can order a custom model of your choice.

• white diamond river bracelet black gold
• black diamond river bracelet white gold
• black diamond tennis bracelet yellow gold
• black diamond river bracelet black gold
• pink gold black diamond tennis bracelet

The black diamond is highly sought after by men due to the special significance of this mysterious color. To accentuate the masculinity of a man elegantly dressed in a tuxedo, nothing beats a men's diamond tennis bracelet.

How to create a custom diamond bracelet ?

The world of jewelry is so vast that choosing the right piece can sometimes be difficult. There are so many things to consider, especially when it comes to buying a valuable piece of jewelry like a diamond bracelet.

The creativity of our diamond cutters, steeped in French expertise, is limitless. The models available at Celinni satisfy most customers who are looking for an original bracelet but also of quality and at a reasonable price.

Sometimes it turns out that a customer is satisfied with everything, but they want a piece of jewelry that is unique to them. For example, they want to surprise the person they cherish most in the world with an exceptional piece of jewelry to show them how much they love them and the importance of having them in their life.

Our dedication matches our creativity, so for these clients we have established a process for making custom jewelry. Custom made doesn't just mean adjusting the jewelry to fit you, no! Custom made means creating a bracelet that represents you. Representing your tastes, your preferences, your budget, well everything. To create a personalized diamond bracelet for you, we follow the following steps together:

• Tell us about your ideal diamond bracelet:

Given that none of our bracelets meet 100% of your expectations, or if you simply want a unique bracelet, you certainly have a model in mind. Make an appointment by phone or send us an email via our address available on our website. Once in our shop, tell us about your bracelet. If you have a photo or a drawing to show us, that would be perfect, otherwise just an idea or a verbal description will guide us perfectly in our creation. If you are busy, send us your instructions by email, we will be able to interpret them without any problem.

• We choose your diamonds together:

The idea you have of your bracelet includes the number of diamonds you would like to have in your bracelet. Would you like a single visible diamond or several small diamonds scattered three, four, six times on your setting? This is where the customization of your bracelet will begin to materialize. Do you like simplicity or do you prefer a bracelet loaded with diamonds of very noticeable dimensions or somewhere in between? On our side, we will advise you on the size, shape, weight, clarity of the diamond while respecting your wishes.

• We choose together the frame for your diamond bracelet:

You surely have a preference for gold or platinum. If you choose gold, what color do you prefer? White gold, yellow gold, rose gold or even black gold? Would you like a thin or thick bracelet? Your budget will also determine the quality of the precious metal and its weight. We also take measurements of your wrists. We will respect your wishes to the extreme, but we will also advise you based on our experience, your needs and the current trend. The bracelet model you have chosen will be presented to you in 3D image thanks to the prototyping technology available in our workshops, allowing you to see your diamond bracelet before its final realization.

• The final realization of your diamond bracelet:

Once you have confirmed your choices, we proceed to create your bracelet in accordance with the pure tradition of French jewelry. No less than five diamond cutters will work on the creation of your diamond bracelet.

• Your diamond bracelet is finally ready:

After a few days or weeks of meticulous work, since everything is made by hand, and after the bracelet has been checked by our production managers, we will invite you to discover your diamond bracelet in its case, ready to shine wherever you may be.