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Gemstone Bracelets

Our gem and diamond experts always carefully select the quality of each stone to set in your bracelet, with the aim of offering you excellence at the most attractive price. Celinni is committed to creating a unique, luxurious jewel, reflecting your image and timeless, that you will wear all your life. A modern and sophisticated accessory, essential to your wrist.

Gemstone Tennis Bracelets

All the gemstone river bracelets from the collections of Celinni are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our gemstone river bracelets are available in AAA quality.


The wearing of jewelry has been inherent in humans since their appearance on earth. The earliest images of primitive man show him practically without clothes but adorned with accessories around his neck, on his head, and on his arms. The first explanation given for this is the need to feel protected from the constant danger, as man lived in close contact with nature with which he was in perpetual interaction. This constant contact with the universe and its various components, whether material or spiritual, allowed man to uncover the secrets of life and to strive to fight against evil in all its forms, driven by the instinct of life. Like everything that evolves, like clothes that were initially worn to protect from the cold and have now become the main concern of men and women who always want to stay trendy, and for which countries are full of factories and cities are full of shops to satisfy the impressive demand for this accessory that has become a symbol of beauty, elegance and social status, jewelry has taken the same path, it is practically unthinkable to wear any outfit for any occasion without it being accessorized with a necklace, a ring, earrings or a luxury bracelet.

The importance of wearing a gemstone bracelet

From a symbol of protection to an object to distinguish oneself or indicate belonging to a group, the bracelet has become a true fashion accessory. Showing off and drawing attention to oneself is natural for humans, who very early on understand that the arm is the most active part of their body. Enhancing one's wrist with a refined bracelet allows them to capture attention with a simple movement of the arm. Elegance and refinement are accentuated when the wrist is adorned with a gold bracelet and precious stones, which will radiate rainbow sparkles, eliciting the admiration of your audience. Whether you are wearing a casual outfit, an elegant evening dress, or just going to the market for groceries, the precious stone bracelet can be your ally to stand out and mark your presence with a touch of originality. Unconsciously, original people are followed and respected unlike ordinary people who often go unnoticed. Someone who adorns their wrist with a gold and diamond bracelet, for example, will never pass without leaving their mark in people's minds. Celinni, a diamond dealer in Paris and across the country, designs a multitude of gold and precious stone bracelets for you to shine. Between diamond river bracelets and precious stone bracelets, the choice is dizzying. To discover it, browse our website or visit the nearest showroom by making an appointment with our friendly diamond dealers. Below we will give you a taste of the models that await you in our stores.

Celinni women's diamond bracelets and rivers

The woman takes center stage in the selection of jewelry at Celinni. Collections of all categories that will take your breath away. With a simple click from your couch, in your garden, or while sipping your coffee, you will dive into the world of diamonds and precious stones, making you lose track of time. Here are three great classics of French jewelry to which Celinni has added its touch of originality and magnificence.

Diamond bubble bracelet

This magnificent bracelet, called the diamond bubble bracelet, is a great classic of French jewelry. Six flamboyant diamonds are set close on a sublime, fine and refined round forçat chain. Suitable for accessorizing a casual and chic outfit, this bracelet is ideal for making your presence known and softening the curves of your wrist. The bracelet chain is made from platinum or gold, and you can choose the color, either white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. This choice is offered to you to meet your preferences and choose what suits your character and clothing trends. The same goes for the choice of carat, which varies between 0.60 and 1.20, as well as for the shape of the diamond.

Diamond river bracelet

The diamond river bracelet is another great jewel that has marked the uniqueness of French jewelry coveted worldwide. This bracelet is easily recognizable by an endless alignment of identical-sized diamonds set on a bracelet in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or even 18-carat black gold. The popularity of this bracelet, also known as a tennis bracelet, has prompted the generosity of diamond dealers in their design of this model, offering a significant choice from the thinnest bracelet with diamonds from 1 to 8 carats of H/SI or G/VS quality. Jewelers have let their imagination run wild and have created sumptuous assemblies, for example, black diamond on yellow gold, white or rose gold, or even gold and diamond of the same color. The Celinni river bracelet is a result of meticulous manual work involving no less than a dozen dedicated diamond craftsmen. If you desire more generosity, you can request a river bracelet with two or more rows of diamonds, our duty is to satisfy you.

Princess diamond river bracelet

Oh how splendid this generous princess diamond river bracelet is! This luxurious bracelet, primarily based on white or yellow gold, offers a choice of diamonds ranging from 3.50 to 16 carats of G/SI quality. This treasure of jewelry, handcrafted by the best French diamond cutters, delights luxury lovers and fulfills them with its relatively low price compared to its international cost.

Ruby, sapphire, or emerald bracelets and river for women

Choosing a diamond-set bracelet for every occasion is recommended for those who do not like to step out of their comfort zone or take risks. Yes, it's true that diamonds are timeless, invincible, and suitable for all situations. However, other popular precious stones like ruby, sapphire, and emerald are not lacking in beauty and refinement. A bracelet with the vivid red of ruby or ocean-colored sapphire can replace a diamond bracelet on many occasions. The time when we had to match colors is now over, wearing a red dress with a white gold emerald bracelet will shock no one. That being said, buying a bracelet with different precious stones is unlikely to stay forever in your jewelry box, you will be surprised by the number of times you will wear it and spark wonder in the eyes of those who watch you.

Diamond and ruby bracelets

The fairy hands of the friendly diamond cutters at Celinni have designed the diamond ruby bracelet by alternating gold and claw-set rubies on a gold bracelet of your choice, creating a stunning carousel of sparkles and colors. This diamond and ruby river bracelet ranges between 3 and 10 carats.

Diamond and sapphire bracelets

The diamond and sapphire river bracelet is made by hand placing diamond stones on a wide ring separated by sapphires of a devouring blue.

White gold emerald river bracelets

For this fascinating gem, the white gold bracelet is fully set with emeralds for a total weight of 3.00 carats of AAA quality. The ticklish green of this sensational stone will overwhelm you with vitality and give you a boost of eternal youth.

Ruby river bracelets

Like the previous bracelet, the ruby river bracelet is entirely adorned with a regular row of claw-set rubies on 18 karat white gold. The red, a symbol of love and passion, reveals your sensuality and will attract admiring glances. The black gold ruby river bracelet variant is another version of luxury and delicacy that you absolutely must discover at Clinni.

Sapphire river bracelet

The sapphire, this stone with infinite virtues and enchanting colors, is used by our ingenious jewelers to set gold bracelets called sapphire river bracelets. The variation of sapphire colors creates this breathtaking list:
white gold river bracelet with white sapphires.
yellow gold river bracelet with yellow sapphires.
rose gold river bracelet with pink sapphires.
white gold bracelet with blue sapphires.
Rose gold bracelet with blue sapphires.
Despite this extravagant choice, you can create your own compositions between gold of different colors and the multiple colors of sapphire. We will create for you a stunning bracelet whose beauty will exceed your limits .

Men's precious stone bracelets

If a woman wears jewelry to accentuate her femininity and add finesse and delicacy to her fairy-like demeanor, a man approves it to highlight his elegance and emphasize his masculinity, especially when it comes to a luxurious gold and precious stone bracelet worn on the wrist as a symbol of strength and firmness. Current trends reflect the public's open-mindedness that seeks to eliminate or at least soften these sexist differences between men and women. Jewelry effectively contributes to this fight for similarity and equality. A few years ago, earrings were monopolized by women, but now, earrings have become an almost obligatory accessory for men, as well as precious stone bracelets whose designs hardly differ from those of women. The contrast lies particularly in the choice of colors and their combination.

Men's diamond river bracelet

The men's diamond river bracelet is designed in the same way as the women's diamond river bracelet. However, men can choose a heavier weight due to the robustness of their wrist. The black diamond is very popular among men, which is why it is very present in the design of diamond bracelets for men. The main models available from Celinni, which are constantly being enriched in response to the demands of its valued clientele, are:
white diamond river bracelet black gold.
black diamond river bracelet white gold.
black diamond river bracelet yellow gold.
black diamond black gold bracelet.
black diamond bracelet rose gold.
Of course, the white diamond can be associated with all these gold variations, but Celinni insists that the previous models should always be present in its stores due to their popularity among men. With a wave of magic, a river diamond bracelet or any other of your wildest dreams will be created by our qualified jewelers.

Ruby, sapphire and emerald men's bracelets

The river bracelet model with precious stones, which was previously described, is almost unisex with a slight difference in the choice of the marriage of the gold colors with that of these sumptuous stones. Thus, one can find that for men, white gold associated with blue or pink sapphire softens the generally contracted air of the stronger sex. Based on our considerable experience, the requests are too numerous for solid colors revealing men's preference for quality and simplicity. Therefore, you will find in our sublime collection such models as: yellow gold bracelet with yellow sapphire, or rose gold bracelet with pink sapphire. The exciting ruby associated with diamonds on a white gold bracelet or set on black gold is the least that can be said to be sublime for a man seeking glamour and seduction. Other combinations can be made in the blink of an eye in the Celinni workshops, which are constantly operated by the skilled hands of our best French jewellery professionals.

Precious stones for her bracelet, why?

Precious stones are not only appreciated for their sumptuous appearance. Their rarity and invincibility make them valuable objects. Immersing one's eye in one of these enchanting stones fills our soul with pleasant sensations, from which one may not want to detach oneself. Try lingering for a moment on a diamond or a sapphire, you will see a magical world writhing before you, transporting you into a universe of unparalleled wonder. Celinni invites you to live this fabulous experience., elle invites you to experience the diamond in our showrooms in Paris, Nice, Lille, Lausanne or anywhere in France where the first online and on-site jewelry store has taken root for six generations. Choosing our precious stone bracelets means choosing the best. The best for the quality of the stones and metals carefully selected and sourced. The best for the meticulous work of its diamond craftsmen with a keen eye and agile hand. The best for the competitive prices that exceed your imagination. The best for the unforgettable moments you will experience in our friendly workshops in the company of our caring experts.