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How does tax-free work?

Comment fonctionne la détaxe

At Celinni, it is possible to get a tax refund on your diamond jewelry if you are a foreign resident.
The amount of French VAT is 20%.

Important information concerning the tax refund procedure:

Dear customers,

If you do not have a home or usual residence in France or in another member state of the European Union, you can purchase products from Steinberg International free of VAT, or benefit from a refund of this tax, for any goods intended for export.

In the event of a sale, Steinberg International will issue you an export sales slip. This must be presented with the goods at the customs office of the exit point from the European Union. The stamp from the customs office of the EU exit point grants the seller the final benefit of VAT exemption. It is their responsibility to proceed with the tax refund upon seeing the customs stamp.

Before resorting to this procedure, we draw your attention to the prerequisites for benefiting from the VAT exemption, as well as the steps to be taken.

Under what conditions can the tax exemption be applied?elle to work?

If you are a foreign resident, there are two possibilities:

  • Delivery of the product to one of our metropolitan sales points
  • You decide to purchase a piece of jewelry and offer it abroad.
  • You place an order in one of our showrooms (Paris, Bordeaux, Lille, Nice or Lyon)
  • We charge you the pre-tax price without any deduction.
  • We ask you for your passport as well as a VAT security deposit cheque.
  • You validate the tax refund form at the airport.
  • We are returning your security deposit check.
  • Shipping abroad
  • You are ordering a product and wish for it to be made available in a country outside the European Union.
  • We charge you the price excluding taxes without withholding.
  • You will need to add a package of 198 € including export freight forwarder fees.
  • Delivery is free via FEDEX.

Warning: you will be subject to local taxes in the destination country. Please inquire with the customs office of the receiving country.

Who can benefit from this procedure?

Qui peut bénéficier de cette procédure

To be eligible for this procedure, you must be:

  • Residing in a third country outside the European Union at the date of purchase;
  • Passing through France for less than six months;
  • Aged 16 years or older.

You must be able to justify these qualities at the time of purchase, in particular by presenting a passport or an original valid identity document if you are a resident in a non-EU country but belonging to the Schengen area (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein).

Which purchases are eligible for the tax refund procedure?

The amount of purchases made on the same day in the same store or on the same site must be greater than 175 € including tax.
The purchase you are making must correspond to a retail sale of a touristic nature, that is to say, intended for strictly personal use and not for commercial purposes.

How to get a tax refund?

The seller gives you, at the time of purchase, an export sales slip that must be signed by the seller and by yourself. By this act, you commit to completing certain formalities.
You must transport yourself, in your luggage and by the means of transport you use, the goods that benefit from tax exemption outside the EU.

Upon your final departure from the European Union, you must simultaneously present the goods and the slip for customs clearance before registering your luggage.

This formality must be completed before the end of the third month following the one in which your purchase was made.

What should you pay attention to?

Warning: If any of the above conditions are not met, the service will refuse the visa of the slip(s).

If you leave the European Union through France:
In the context of the manual visa: the French customs give you the two sheets of your slip stamped with the customs seal: you send the document approved by the customs to the seller.
As part of the electronic visa at the PABLO terminal: the procedure is computerized and you must proceed yourself to the electronic visa of PABLO export sales slips at one of the optical reading terminals made available near a duty-free customs counter. If the point of exit from French territory is not equipped with a PABLO electronic terminal, the forms must be presented to the customs service who will proceed to the electronic visa using a barcode optical reading scanner or by manually entering the PABLO application identification number.

Warning: in case of customs control during the visa of the consignment notes (manual or electronic visa), the presentation of the goods is mandatory. The absence of presentation of the goods is penalized by the cancellation of the consignment note and possibly the payment of a fine.

For more information please consult the page of the Customs or Customs brochures on the tax refund procedure in France and on the main reasons for refusing the tax refund.