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Gemstone Cocktail Rings

Paved with precious stones, the rings from the High Jewelry collection are adorned with sublime rubies, black diamonds, blue or pink sapphires. Natural, and ethically sourced at the best price on international exchanges by gemology experts from the Celinni, the gems that adorn these lavish models are unique and durable.

Ruby Cocktail Rings

All High Jewelry ruby rings can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our High Jewelry precious stone rings are available in AAA quality.

Black Diamond Cocktail Rings

All High Jewelry rings in black diamonds can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our High Jewelry rings in precious stones are available in AAA quality.

Blue Sapphire Cocktail Rings

All High Jewelry rings in blue sapphires can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our High Jewelry rings in precious stones are available in AAA quality.

Pink Sapphire Cocktail Rings

All High Jewelry rings in pink sapphires can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our High Jewelry rings in precious stones are available in AAA quality.

High jewelry precious stones rings Celinni

High jewelry is a world where the gemstone is queen. Unlike the jeweler who manufactures standard jewelry whose models can be copied and repeated, the jeweler works to highlight a unique precious stone by embedding it in a new jewelry design. The jeweler is a creator of luxury jewelry. In high jewelry, the jewelry is handmade. The artisan jeweler can spend long days hunched over his jewel in order to make it an exceptional piece and bring out all the magic buried in this unparalleled stone. High jewelry only uses precious metals to highlight a precious stone whose value and existence are unique. A high jewelry collection is limited and the models are something never seen before. Singular and unexpected pieces are designed by exceptional jewelry artisans. The realization of an exclusively beautiful, unique and original high jewelry piece is subject to two conditions: the acquisition of an outstanding precious stone that only waits to be valued by a very ingenious jeweler who has a high sense of creativity with a flair for luxury and excellence. It is from this principle that Celinni launched into the creation of its high jewelry rings. From carefully chosen gemstones, our enchantment animators shape fascinating, unique rings that only wait to be uncovered by lovers of luxury and sumptuousness.

Creation of high jewelry rings Celinni

Similar to the enchanting jewellery collections that Celinni designs for its clients accustomed to luxury and high quality, our jewellery store has a fascinating collection of high jewellery gemstone rings designed by the best jewellers in France, immersed in the river of luxury and excellence, trained to discern the best to enhance and value it through a know-how gathered through a long experience in the world of high jewellery. Celinni's high jewellery ring models are made with the utmost respect for French tradition. Our high jewellery gold and diamond rings are unique and unparalleled, guaranteeing you elegance and distinction. Made from different precious metals of distinct colours, mainly gold and platinum, to suit everyone's taste. Here are some sensational models of our prestigious rings with divine beauty.

LOUIS XVI high jewelry ring

The majestic high jewelry Louis XVI ring is an exclusive creation of Celinni. Elle represents the first pavings in the history of jewelry. Made from 18 karat gold, 700/1000, set with three rows of 1.5 carat diamonds. This refined simple collection piece comes in different variants, each as captivating as the next depending on the color of the metal and the chosen gold color, as well as the precious stone of which elle is set. Thus we find:
Louis XVI high jewelry ring in white gold set with diamonds
Louis XVI high jewelry ring in white gold set with black diamond
high jewelry white gold ring set with rubies
high jewelry white gold ring with a series of blue sapphires
high jewelry white gold ring set with pink sapphires
high jewelry yellow gold diamond ring
high jewelry ring in rose gold diamonds
High jewelry platinum ring set with diamonds

MAÏTICA High Jewelry Ring

This model is another masterpiece by Celinni, crafted from platinum or 18-carat 750/1000 gold, adorned with three rows of carefully selected precious stones of 1.55 or 2.50 carats. This ring is of stunning beauty, aside from the slight difference in carats with the first model, the rows of this ring are not adjacent but separated for more refinement and exaltation. Come discover it in pictures on our Celinni website or in our welcoming jewelers. This ring comes in several versions, here are a few:
MATÏCA high jewelry ring in white gold and 1.55 carat diamonds
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring in white gold and black diamond 1.55 carats
high jewelry ring MAÏTICA white gold and 2.50 carat rubies
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring in white gold and blue sapphires 2.50 carats
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring in white gold and pink sapphire 2.50 carats
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring in rose gold with 1.55 carat diamonds
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring yellow gold diamonds 1.55 carats
MAÏTICA high jewelry ring platinum diamonds 1.55 carats.

High jewelry ring RUE DE LA PAIX

Here is another one of the most sublime rings from Celinni's high jewelry paving ring collection, unlike the previous two models, this ring is adorned with two rows of gemstones for extra finesse. These two rows are set separately, revealing each carefully chosen stone set on a refined ring in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Following the same principle as the previous two models, the white gold ring is set with either white diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, blue sapphires, or pink sapphires, all at the same value of 1.51 carats. The yellow and rose gold models are paved with diamonds. Then comes the magnificent high jewelry platinum and diamond ring, 1.51 carats.

High jewelry VENDOME ring

The high jewelry VENDOME ring by Cellini is the most impressive model in the pave ring collection. For the design of this exceptional ring, the same choice of precious metals was focused on: gold in its three colors (white, rose, and yellow) and platinum. The setting of the precious stones is arranged in five adjacent rows, these pave stones harmoniously create a field of brilliance and sensational shine. Always following the same principle, this ring comes in several versions. The 2.02 carat white or black diamond is set in 18 karat white, rose, yellow gold or platinum. The rubies, blue sapphires or pink sapphires of 2.50 carats, on the other hand, are set in white gold. This is essentially the splendor of high jewelry by Celinni, translated through this exceptional collection of gold and precious stone rings or platinum and diamond rings that marry luxury and simplicity. The magnificence of these jewels is distinguished by the excellent quality of the metals and precious stones that Celinni always strives to choose for its admirable clientele.

The importance of choosing a high-end jewelry piece

Choosing a high jewelry piece reveals the customer's refined taste for distinction. This type of jewelry is usually reserved for exceptional occasions. It is not an everyday piece of jewelry. To choose it is to choose quality, originality, rarity and above all durability. A piece of jewelry such as a high jewelry ruby ring or a high jewelry sapphire ring will become part of the family heirlooms, a treasure that your successors will inherit to pass on to their offspring. It will tell the story of your family through the generations. In addition to the untouchable quality of the raw materials, the quality of work in Celinni jewelry, like high jewelry precious stone rings, is impeccable. A piece of jewelry of such magnitude is never entrusted to an amateur or a jeweler who is taking his first steps in the jewelry trade. It is a work of jewelers with years of experience, artisans who have seen thousands or even millions of precious stones take shape and project their sparkle into the world of high jewelry.

Tips for choosing a high-end jewelry ring

"All that glitters is not gold," they say, this adage, you should always keep in mind when choosing your jewelry, especially high-end jewelry. The choice of this jewelry allows no mistakes. It is by no means ordinary jewelry. Generally priced high due to its exceptional design, you must plan its purchase carefully.

Determining your preferences is crucial.

Rule number one, always determine your preferences. Knowing what you want helps you focus on the essentials, saves you time, spares you extra effort, and prevents you from spending too much time in the store going in circles. Preferring a white gold and diamond ring allows you to concentrate on the quality of the stone, its weight, its setting, the quality of work, in short, on the essentials. Determine the type of ring, the choice of the gemstone (diamond, ruby, sapphire), the type and color of the metal and gemstones. In this way, you will have already done half the work.

Choose the first French online jewelry store, Celinni

This point is of extreme importance, yes, you are well aware of it. Even if you are short on time, you are too busy, or you live in a place where you do not have a choice, never make the mistake of buying hastily without weighing the pros and cons beforehand. Choose a jewelry store with an impeccable reputation, like Celinni. A jewelry store that has served its customers through six generations certainly holds the secret of luxury and success., elle can only offer the best as elle has always done so through the decades. The dean of online high jewelry, the celinni spares no effort to make luxury accessible to even the smallest budgets. From sourcing stones from all corners of the world, to the creation of the jewel, Celinni keeps the image of its customer in mind to enhance and satisfy them. We love the pleasure of giving pleasure.

Is it possible to create a custom high jewelry ring?

Obviously, the answer is yes! Nothing is more fun than satisfying the customer 100%. Like any other jewel, creating a high-end diamond ring or other precious stones is entirely possible. It's a legitimate request given the limited collection of high-end rings when compared to the staggering collections of various types of luxury rings available. celinni like wedding rings and engagement rings. It's not rocket science, present your idea or show us a picture or a drawing and then tell us about your preferences: your favorite colors, your preferred metal, the type of ring you like to wear, the type of gemstones, their setting and most importantly, determine your budget. A team made up of our most dedicated diamond experts will focus on handcrafting your ring, each with their own task and specialty. Our workshops are equipped with sophisticated high-quality equipment that allows us to delve into your imagination to bring your project to life. You will be able to closely follow the work and see your piece of jewelry come to life, which you will find particularly interesting since you saw it being born in the hands of our valuable experts.