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Gemstone Wedding Bands

Offering French and ancestral know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation for many years, the Celinni demonstrates its expertise by offering its innovative collections of diamond half-eternity rings. Whether your half-eternity ring is studded with round diamonds or princess-cut diamonds, all are meticulously chosen by our diamond experts before being hand-set in our Parisian workshops, on a mount of recycled 18k yellow, white or rose gold, or even platinum, according to your choice.

Half Diamond Weddings Promise Collection

All the half diamond alliances from the Celinni collections can be declined in yellow gold, in rose gold, in recycled 18k white gold, or in platinum. Our half-turn alliances are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Half Diamond Alliances Matching Solitary Stackable

All the half diamond wedding bands from the latest collections of Celinni are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our half eternity bands are available in high jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Half Diamond Weddings Mon Tresor Collection

Reine Collection Half Diamond Band

Wedding Rings Diamonds Precious Stones Parisian Collection

From the latest collection of Celinni, the curved half-alliances of the Parisian range perfectly match the shape of the solitaires from the same collection. They are available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum.


A wedding ring is a ring, usually a band, made of precious metal that each of the spouses places on the other's finger on the very day of the wedding to forever seal a union born of a noble sentiment and to pledge fidelity and love until the end of their lives.
The importance of a wedding ring Rooted in the history of humanity, its divine significance has allowed it to evolve through generations. From a simple woven reed at its beginnings to an iron ring, to rings made of precious metals and even studded with diamonds, this exceptional ring has come a long way and continues to improve and beautify day by day.

The nobility of this union that is marriage and its destiny to last an eternity requires rings of the same kind, rings that you buy once and for all. These rings, you will wear every day and they will be prey to all external aggressions: at home, at work, on public transport, in the garden, so think deeply before committing to their purchase. Opt for strength and durability without neglecting beauty and sumptuousness, two inseparable characteristics in the Celinni wedding rings.


Among the infinite number of luxury jewels that Celinni creates every day for its customers, the wedding rings They enjoy special care given the universal dimension of their meaning. Our diamond craftsmen put all their soul and all their know-how into each piece. Each couple is unique and within the couple each person is unique, so you really have to be a dedicated professional to serve each person their cup of tea that they should find exceptionally tasty.

The reputation of Celinni and the honorable place thatelle The ability to unearth at a national scale amidst fierce competition is the result of a tremendous amount of work. Six generations have seen an infinite number of couples enter our stores hand in hand and then leave with broad smiles on their faces after being able to get their hands on the jewelry of their dreams.

Celinni presents you with a multitude of stunning wedding ring models that you can discover with a simple click on our site from the comfort of your couch, enjoying an intimate moment with your other half. We will try to give you a summary of our wedding ring designs that we invite you to see in pictures to grasp the meaning of each word written in favor of these dream jewels.


The woman, this magnificent being who embodies beauty, refinement, and divinity, deserves only the best to be at her peak on the day of her flight to the marital nest. Celinni reserves the lion's share in her exceptional creations, especially those designed to magnify this exceptional day, such as wedding sets including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, not to forget the star engagement ring. Go discover them without delay to have the conviction that Celinni is unique in its kind. Let's return to our wedding rings, these pieces that mark both the culmination of a sentimental goal predestined by providence, since love is the only feeling that we never see coming, and the beginning of a new life with new dimensions and new goals.


The first image of a wedding ring that comes to mind when one mentions this particular piece of jewelry is a simple, shiny round band. For this reason, Celinni, eager to satisfy as many of its customers as possible and above all to respect everyone's individual taste, has taken care to reserve a special corner for them. classic wedding rings in gold or in platinum.


At Celinni, this type of wedding bands comes in several variations. First, we have the half-round platinum prestige wedding band. This band is a simple flat ring on the inside and rounded on the outside. Made of platinum, this unisex ring is strikingly elegant. Sometimes, simplicity is the best way to pair it with any other piece of jewelry. The weight and thickness of this band depend on your preference; on our end, we have designed them in all sizes. Our Half-round platinum alliances are available from 1.5 mm up to 5.00mm at very enticing prices.

Next, there is the platinum prestige wedding band. This ring is also a simple band but with proportional dimensions, the shape is the same all around. This is the most classic and timeless model of wedding bands. The Parisian prestige wedding band alliance Cellini is available in the finest form known as a 2.00mm to the biggest one of 5.00mm. The choice is yours.

Finally, there is also the magnificent model called the prestige ribbon.wedding band ribbon The platinum prestige from Celinni is the most incredible of simple wedding rings, it is a simple band with a flat outer face, straight edges, and a rounded interior. This timeless ring, Celinni has designed it for all desires from 1.5 to 5.00MM.


The same models as theplatinum wedding ring are available in gold version. Thegold wedding ring from Celinni whether it's in reed, half-reed or ribbon is available in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and in different sizes ranging from 1.5 MM to 5.00MM.


An enticing collection of half diamond alliances In gold, platinum and diamonds, Celinni offers you their collection on their website or in their jewelry stores. Frankly, the models are quite stunning, you really need to take your time to fully absorb all these sumptuous designs. To do this, nothing beats a cup of coffee while browsing through the different pages of our website and dissecting the various models.

Hundreds of models are available for your information, so plan for a quiet moment and a time free of all responsibility, the wedding ring is not to be chosen hastily. Among our wedding rings, we find: the magnificent half-alliance diamond two prongs or four claws in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum, with the diamond weight varying from 0.5 carat to 2.1 carats for the two-claw ones, and from 0.15 to 1.20 carats for those with four claws.

Next, the sublime half-eternity bar ring makes its appearance, whether you want it in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, Celinni has designed it to fulfill your desires. The weight of the diamond stones varies between 0.60 and 2.00 carats but you can choose your pearls at will.

The barrette ring is followed by another sumptuous model, namely the wedding ring. Elle from Celinni. In the must-have white gold or the timeless yellow gold, or in 18K rose gold or platinum, this magnificent wedding ring will make your wedding day an unforgettable pleasure.

The list is not likely to stop here since we still find a splendid model named Mon amour, This model is truly a love for its beauty, its brilliance, and the warmth it radiates. Like its predecessors, whether you are looking for it in white gold wedding band, or yellow gold, rose gold or diamond, we have it at Celinni. Mon trésor is another sublime type of 18K gold diamond ring that you can acquire at Celinni jewelers at an incomparable price.

Of all the previous models whose beauty is, to say the least, striking, Pamina is a unique alliance whose magnificence is unparalleled. We're not exaggerating, go see it at Celinni to see for yourself. The same goes for two other models with which we can conclude the list, namely theprincess rail wedding alliance and thewedding ring rail gold and diamond from Celinni. The weight of these models can range from 0.5 carat up to 2 carats.


The setting of the diamond is referred to as a full turn.full circle diamond wedding ring is a wedding alliance par excellence. Paved with diamonds, elle exudes all the splendor and magic of a wedding ceremony. Your every move will attract the attention of those present due to the brilliance and sparkle of its diamonds present on all sides of the ring.

Just like in the case of the half-alliance, Celinni wants to indulge you with a multitude of models to allow you to stand out and mark that day with a remarkable and exceptional touch.
All existing half-eternity models are available in full eternity at Celinni, go and feast your eyes and come back with the model that will turn your head the most.


A platinum and diamond alliance Gold, white gold, and diamonds go perfectly with the wedding atmosphere where we see white everywhere. But opting for colors is a way to stand out and bring a touch of originality that is unique to you. And then, we must not forget that the wedding rings will be worn for a lifetime, so white will not be the only color that we will have to wear for a lifetime. For this, the ideal is to choose the color of the gold or diamond that matches our personality and general preferences.

So know that diamonds do not only exist in transparent white. There is the mysterious black gold and several variations of white. Other colors like blue, green, red exist even though they are rare to find.

If you have a particular attachment to another precious stone apart from diamond, such as ruby, emerald or sapphire, Celinni has not forgotten you and has designed breathtaking gemstone wedding rings.

At the best diamond jewelry store in Paris or in the four corners of France, you have the choice to buy a cheap gold and diamond wedding band or a luxury wedding band, there is something for all budgets.


The most easily achievable unisex piece of jewelry is the wedding ring. Almost all wedding rings can be worn by both women and men, especially in recent years where trends are changing and men increasingly want to experience the sumptuousness of French jewelry in all its aspects.

The simple wedding ring is the one that suits men the most. It is generally the most requested model. On one hand for its elegance and its timeless character, on the other hand because it is easily customizable. Inscribing the names of the bride and groom, or a date or a particular memory is very achievable on this kind of ring and even on other types of wedding rings.
Forming wedding alliances for couples can be easily done thanks to the suitability of its models for both men and women.


Celinni is a versatile jewelry store., elle is very active online as well as on the ground. Whatever you are struggling with, we are ready to take on. We recruit diamond technicians trained to work in accordance with the pure tradition of French jewelry. Over 100,000 diamonds are perpetually inventoried, sourced directly to always offer you the best. High-end diamonds at the fairest prices, the most correct service, and breathtaking jewelry models, this is Celinni. best French online jewelry.