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Wedding Jewelry Sets Bridal Necklace Set

Our wedding sets are exceptional pieces. Comprised of earrings and a necklace, each set is unique and demonstrates in a dazzling result all the technical prowess and artisanal know-how of our jewelry craftsmen. Ordinary men create extraordinary jewelry, which enrich the collections of the Celinni, and enhance your neck and ears.

Vendome Bridal Set

All the sets from the Vendôme collection are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond wedding sets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Triumph Bridal Set

All sets from the Triomphe collection can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond wedding sets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Eternity Bridal Set

All the sets from the Eternity collection can come in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond wedding sets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Reine Bridal Set

All the sets from the Reine collection are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond wedding sets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Anniversaire Bridal Set

All the sets from the Anniversary collection are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond wedding sets are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF.

Which wedding jewelry set to choose?

Marriage, before it is a ceremony, a party, material preparations, treats, colors, it is a magical, spiritual bond that only the newlyweds feel. This unique feeling of love, of desire to merge with the other, generates joy, excitement and above all, wanting to share it with those we love and even those we do not. On that day, we forget everything, we only see what is beautiful. This state of mind that we only live once leads us to choose the best for the big day. We want that day to be exceptional, unforgettable. We choose the best wedding dress, the best place and the best time to get married. We prepare everything to perfection, the food, the decor! Everything! And to shine brightly on the long-awaited day, you need to adorn yourself with the most splendid wedding jewelry set. But where to find this set? And how to choose it? To find it, there is nothing easier. Contact our diamond jeweler Celinni, we offer the best women's wedding sets. There is something for every taste, whether you are looking for gold, silver, platinum or even costume jewelry, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

How to choose your wedding jewelry set?

When D-day arrives, be sure to have all eyes on you, everyone is waiting to see the bride. You are the star of the evening! But how to choose the jewelry you will wear on that day? How to choose them to pull it off and dazzle everyone? Don't panic, the choice is very varied at Celinni and even if you don't find the jewelry of your dreams, we will make it for you and at a price that will exceed your expectations. We still recommend that you follow certain recommendations before ingraining the image of your jewelry in your head. First, make sure to choose your wedding dress and the accessories you would like to wear, between gloves, hat, tiara, shoes, as well as the style of your hairstyle. It is based on these choices that you will decide which wedding set to buy. But don't forget to match it with your engagement ring.

Choose your jewelry according to the wedding dress and circumstances

The complete wedding jewelry set should be chosen according to the style of the dress. A voluminous or heavily embellished dress calls for discreet wedding jewelry, not too beaded or overly decorated. Furthermore, a short, simple and light dress pairs perfectly with flashy jewelry, heavily loaded with pearls and possibly colored. The location and time of the ceremony can also play a role in the choice of your jewelry. A nighttime ceremony is favorable for voluminous and shiny jewelry, as the reflection of lights on pearls and precious metals can be clearly seen. On the other hand, fine and discreet white gold or platinum jewelry with diamond pearls work well at a party organized during the day in a garden.

The choice of the necklace

The necklace is the key piece of a woman's wedding outfit. It's the first thing people's eyes fall on. Therefore, the impression you give depends on it, so it's crucial to choose it carefully. The style of your necklace will be determined by the neckline of your wedding dress. If your neckline is a deep V, opt for a Y-shaped necklace or one with a discreet or bulky pendant, depending on the style of your dress, or even a beautiful lariat. If the neckline of your dress is straight or square, opt for a round or choker necklace, which works well for a slender neck. In the case of an asymmetrical or American neckline dress, it's better not to wear a necklace and instead focus on earrings. A back necklace, of course, suits dresses that are open at the back and adds a unique charm.

The choice of earrings

Your earrings, you will choose them based on the neckline of your dress and especially your hairstyle and your necklace. Don't forget that your jewelry should be in harmony. So if the neckline of your dress does not require a necklace, the earrings will play the role of the centerpiece that must be chosen carefully. In this case, if you wear dangling or imposing earrings, it will not add any heaviness to your style, on the contrary, that's what you need. The same goes for the case where you choose to pull your hair up into a nice bun, your neck will be completely clear, it should be highlighted with beautiful dangling earrings. If you wear a necklace, the style and metal of your earrings and whether they are beaded or not will go in the same direction. Only if you wear your hair down, opt for discreet earrings, studs for example, anyway they will not be too apparent. Stud earrings are also suitable for dresses with a long train. Browse our site, you will find pretty models of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, diamond, precious stone earrings. We guarantee quality and respect for your budget, we will contribute to your joy, rest assured.

The choice of the bracelet

Your wedding jewelry set doesn't necessarily need to include a bracelet if you are wearing a dress with long sleeves or if you are wearing gloves. In this case, you won't have anywhere to put it. But if your dress is sleeveless, and you don't want to wear gloves, then a bracelet becomes essential. The choice of bracelet should also match that of the necklace and earrings, it is best if it is thin and discreet. Avoid ID bracelets and opt for a bangle or pearl bracelet instead. Avoid wearing a watch that day, it serves absolutely no purpose.

What about the rings?

Wearing rings on your wedding day is strongly discouraged. The only ring that should be highlighted and the focus of all attention is your engagement ring. This ring is the first item that marked your union forever, this exceptional item should not be overshadowed by any other jewel, no matter its value. Your hands should be adorned with this unique ring that you have chosen with such care and attention. However, even if you have always worn your engagement ring on your left ring finger, do not forget to move it, for that day only, to the right ring finger to make room for the wedding band, this other valuable ring that will, from that moment, be charged with history, love and emotion. As a reminder, Celinni offers a breathtaking range of engagement rings made of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum and even silver, studded with diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds. There are simple solitaires or shoulder-set rings, in short the choice is dizzying. Everything is made in total respect of the tradition of French jewelry, with pearls sourced directly to always offer you the best. The same goes for women's wedding bands or men's wedding bands. Our models are most original.

Should you buy your wedding jewelry?

Marriage is an event that generally occurs once in a lifetime. So everything spent for this occasion is not wasted. Wearing a set of jewelry previously worn by someone else is notelle whether rented or borrowed will not really mark this exceptional day. You can kill two birds with one stone and choose valuable jewelry that you can wear even after, in this way you will fully enjoy it and you can even pass it on to your offspring when they are made with precious metals and solid pearls like diamond. If your budget does not allow you to acquire a valuable wedding set, opt for a fantasy one. There are very pretty ones that only an expert will be able to distinguish. It is a set that you can keep carefully in your safe and that will mark this special moment.

Invited to a wedding, which jewelry set should I choose?

You are invited to a wedding ceremony and are wondering what jewelry to wear? The first thing to keep in mind is that you are not the bride, so avoid white and try to be elegant and discreet. On that day, you would certainly like to feel light, so wear an outfit that is not too bulky to dance all evening or move around easily to meet guests who could be friends or acquaintances. What would suit you in this case is a set of fine and discreet jewelry, a nice thin necklace not too pendant if your neckline is significant, with a nice affectionate pendant such as a heart. Fine earrings, not too heavy, the same for the bracelet if you want to wear one. Remember that accessories are there to enhance and refine your outfit, not to weigh it down. Moreover, fine jewelry is more secure, it is better kept with this kind of hectic evenings. How many times we have heard people looking for their valuable jewelry lost during wedding ceremonies. When you are invited to a wedding party, be generous with your discretion and do not steal the spotlight from the bride. If you want to show off or wear heavy or substantial jewelry, save it for sober ceremonies, not too hectic and where all women are equal. There would be no one to harm.

The Celinni wedding jewelry

As usual, Celinni always offers the best to its customers, through its six generations., elle has always kept the rating of the best quality-price sales. For weddings, our devoted experts have all the skills to assemble jewelry for you so that you leave with a bridal jewelry set of your dreams. Whether you're looking for a gold or platinum wedding set, a diamond or silver wedding set, or even a fancy wedding set, everything is available at Celinni and at very reasonable prices. We have two flagship models that are sure to highlight you; namely the river type wedding set model made up of one or more rows of diamonds set in claw, rail or closed style lines. And the paved diamond wedding set. If you wish to mark this event with an exceptional jewelry set with your personal touch, all you have to do is send us your idea, we guarantee an optimal result up to the complete design of your wedding set to your pure taste. To see our jewelry or the refined work of our experienced diamond cutters in person, make an appointment via our website and come visit us in our jewelry showrooms located throughout France such as in Paris, Lille, Nice, Switzerland or Morocco. We are everywhere, come and we are waiting for you.