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Celinni Mini

The ideal birth gift

Just as there are twelve astrological signs linked to birth dates, each month of the year has been symbolically assigned a precious stone, like a totem.
Acting as a protective object or good luck charm, each precious stone has its own properties and virtues, which affect the person who wears it. Thus, depending on your birth month, a gemstone will correspond to you, protect you, and make you benefit from its virtues.
I wanted to bring together in our Naissance collection, jewelry for a mother, a daughter, a woman, but also for a baby or a child, and thus offer a range that is both refined and colorful.

Step 1: Choose your jewelry

From 100 to 350€
Diamond and gemstone rings, engravable pendants and their chains, or identity bracelets, each piece of jewelry in this collection is endowed with a fine gemstone, which will spread its aura around the person who wears it.

Step 2: Select your stone based on your birth month.

Package of 99€
Amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, white sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, peridot, blue sapphire, tourmaline, citrine, tanzanite, the twelve precious stones that correspond to the twelve months of the year will bring a touch of sparkle and color to your jewelry.

Step 3: Customize your jewelry

Choose the engraving that resembles you, add a chain (starting from 149€), if you wish, to be able to hang your pendant, and offer a symbolic and unique piece of jewelry.

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The steps to customize the perfect birth gift

Choose your 18K gold children's jewelry, select the birthstone of the month, add your engraving, and you will get a unique personalized children's jewelry. The ideal personalized birth gift to give!

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Step 1

I choose my jewelry

Identity bracelets

Choose your jewelry from a range of identity bracelets, which you can customize to your liking! Choose 18K gold: eco-responsible and 750/1000, it is a quality used for High Jewelry. Yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, there is something for everyone!

Tree of Life Identity Bracelet
from 225€

Classic Identity Bracelet
from 225€

Cloud Identity Bracelet
from 225€

Heart Identity Bracelet
from 225€

Round Identity Bracelet
from 225€


Are you attracted to a pendant? Choose your model from the selection of Maison Celinni. Between yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, you can select the metal color that suits you best. Celinni makes your life easier with 10 times payment without any charges!

Heart Pendant
from 225€

Oval Pendant
from 225€

Round Pendant
from 225€

Rectangle Pendant
from 225€

Cloud Pendant
from 225€

Step 2

I choose my stone

12 stones for 12 months of the year! Each stone has its virtues, you just have to choose the stone associated with the birth month of the child to whom you wish to offer this magnificent personalized gift, and you will get a protective and lucky charm. Benefit from a unique package at 99€, no matter which stone you select!!

Step 3

I personalize my jewelry

Whether you want to personalize your jewelry with a date, a first name, a combination of initials, or leave a little love message, engraving is the touch of originality that will make your jewelry unique. Choose symbolic information, a font between English or Stick, add a small symbol, like a heart or a star, and make your jewelry the keeper of your meaningful message. For the ultimate original touch, take advantage of the free engraving! You will get a unique piece of jewelry to your taste, perfect for a birth gift!