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Diamond Pendants and Necklaces

Demonstrating once again its artisanal and technical savoir-faire, Celinni and its Parisian workshops offer a rich collection of diamond pendants. An eternal love gift, worn close to the heart, it will remind you of the person who gave you this magnificent diamond necklace.

Promesse Diamond Pendants

All pendants from the Promesse collection are available in yellow gold, rose gold, 18k eco-responsible recycled white gold, or platinum. Our diamond pendants are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF, from 0.30 to 1.00 carats.

Diamond Pendants

All diamond pendants from Celinni are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond pendants are available in High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF, from 0.45 to 1.40 carats.


The necklace is the centerpiece of a glamorous and sensational look. Whether it is to be worn every day or to make up an exceptional wedding or evening set, a gold and diamond necklace or a platinum and diamond necklace is the best choice. The choice of the necklace can only be advised by an expert in luxury and diamonds. Certainly, you can rely on your preferences and previous knowledge, but the opinion of a professional is always essential, especially when it comes to the quality, weight, and shape of the gem you will choose. Celinni, who has known all kinds of people and who has learned through six generations to assign each person their style at first glance, can accompany you not only in the technical choice of your jewelry but also in enhancing your exterior appearance with refined jewels of high subtlety. The ancestral experience of the Celinni The knowledge that its diamond cutters pass down from generation to generation allows it to design the best diamond necklaces and pendants in the world of jewelry. From the simple necklace to the most sophisticated, everyone will find what they are looking for at Celinni, the best diamond jewelry store in Place Vendôme.

Celinni diamond necklaces and pendants, an unparalleled craftsmanship

High jewelry requires exceptional craftsmanship to live up to the world of luxury and sensuality. celinni is a legacy of six generations, a know-how that was passed down from the most experienced diamond dealers to the youngest who arrive at Celinni with a significant number of years of experience acquired in the world of gemology. Aware of the importance of satisfying the customer and above all of having an impeccable reputation, the jewelry professionals of Celinni's high-end jewelry spare no effort to give their best. Starting with sourcing precious materials and meticulously sorting them to extract the most refined pieces, up to displaying the jewel in the showcase or handing it over to its owner, the spirit of dedication never leaves our human jewels, because yes, each employee at Celinni is a unique gem. Years of experience never prevent Celinni's diamond dealers from constantly training to keep up with modernity and be on the grind. We put no intermediary between us and our gemstone suppliers. We travel for you to the far reaches of Hong Kong or India to bring you the best and sell it to you at the lowest prices on the market. Discover with us a magnificent collection of Celinni diamond necklaces and pendants.

Diamond pendant Promesse

Purity, what more is asked of a diamond! Although all Celinni diamonds are pure and natural, the highlighting of the diamond in this pendant allows it to shine in all its splendor. Purely set with only 4 fine claws, the setting becomes invisible in the middle of this blinding but sensational brilliance of this diamond left freely in the pure air to bask in the light then to satisfy you and your surroundings with delicious sensations of celestial dimensions. Hung on a gold or platinum chain, these precious metals only accentuate the value of this divine gem so that the diamond necklace Promesse will make you the ultimate woman of the moment.

White gold diamond pendant Promesse From Celinni is a great classic of French jewelry with which you can plan to spend all evenings and enhance the present wherever you go. Ideal for creating a graceful necklace. Attached with a bail to a chain in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, this necklace will shimmer like a god on your neckline. The diamond pendant Promesse is set with light and discreet prongs. Regardless of the shape of the diamond you choose, this type of setting allows light to reach the diamond to its depths, extracting all its splendor and spreading it all around you. The weight of the diamond varies between 0.30 and 1.00 carat.

Diamond pendant Elle

The gold and diamond necklaces from Celinni are unparalleled wonders. The diamond pendant Elle attached to a gold or platinum chain with a sturdy bail will hold a strategic place on your chest to amaze your surroundings with its generous sparks it projects after bathing in the light collected thanks to the claw setting. Suitable for all occasions and matching with any type of outfit, you won't have to worry about an accessory to enhance your dress or anything else. The most important thing is to highlight your diamond with a nice plunging neckline to give it enough room to shine with a thousand sparks. Accompanied by rose, white, yellow gold or platinum, the round diamond pendant Elle 0.30 up to 1.00 carat will be among the masterpieces of French jewelry.

Pema diamond pendant

With a PEMA diamond pendant, you will target your interlocutors directly in the eyes and in the heart. The diamond's closed setting allows it to compress all its brilliance contained on the sides and let it burst through the center like an arrow targeting its prey. Paired with a white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum chain, the PEMA diamond pendant is the centerpiece of an exquisite necklace that will highlight the beautiful plunge of your neckline. A PEMA rose gold diamond necklace will reveal all your femininity and will set you apart thanks to the softness and originality of the rose gold.

Diamond pendant Mon amour

If you desire a carousel of diamonds on a pendant, the diamond pendant Mon amour is what you need. This model consists of a central claw-set diamond of significant size, of your choice of course, surrounded by small grain-set diamonds. The arrangement of these diamonds allows their sparkle to interact and dance on the rays of light to create a mesmerizing spectacle emanating from your irresistible chest. A diamond pendant. Mon amour will make a necklace of gold or platinum and diamond a divine classic that future generations of your offspring will always love to keep as proof of your family's unique history.

Diamond pendant Ma vie

Another fascinating pendant created from a harmonious play of diamonds called Ma vie will delight lovers of sophistication. The diamond pendant Ma vie It consists of a central claw-set diamond surrounded by a circle of small diamonds of the same size, set with 2 claws. Mounted on a sublime gold or platinum chain, with a beautiful plunge and accompanied by diamond earrings. Ma vie, you will enjoy a glamorous look that will make you a woman full of grace and sobriety, especially if the result is the magnificent platinum diamond necklace.

Diamond necklaces for wedding jewelry

Marriage is an exceptional event for which we always aim to choose the best. The best white dress, the best moment, the best place and especially the best jewelry. The best wedding set can of course be found at the best online diamond jeweler, Celinni. To create this set, we need to start with the flagship piece of a diamond wedding set, namely a high-end women's diamond necklace. Here are some models that are considered great classics of French jewelry available at Celinni.

Eternity Diamond Necklaces

The Eternity diamond necklace is a high-end jewelry piece produced only by the largest Jewelry Houses on Place Vendôme. This diamond river necklace, composed of 150 diamonds for a total of 10 carats, will make an exceptional piece for your extraordinary wedding attire, especially if your necklace is paired with the Eternity diamond earrings. Whether for your wedding or for an exceptional evening, the atmosphere will be radiant due to your soft and shimmering presence. From the diamond set on gold of all these colors or on platinum, the Eternity gold and diamond necklace will make you a divinity.

Diamond anniversary necklaces

This diamond choker necklace of the diamond river type is an exhilarating jewel of high French jewelry. The diamond anniversary necklace is set with an endless number of diamonds ranging from the smallest of about 2.3 mm to the largest of about 5.1 mm, starting from the nape of the neck to the middle of the necklace. Worn on a wedding or evening dress with a well-cleared neckline, you will intoxicate the audience with the subtlety of your look and the brightness of your presence. Creating an extraordinary piece like the diamond Anniversary necklace requires meticulous work, no error is tolerated. It is a question of calibration and balance. This work can only be carried out by diamond enthusiasts bent by years of forging and devotion to the diamond like the seasoned diamond dealers of Celinni.

Queen Diamond Necklace

The luxurious Queen diamond necklace is an exquisite creation from diamond lovers and exaltation. A magnificent necklace set with a multitude of calibrated pear-cut diamonds and round diamonds, all at 24 carats, a rarity in French jewelry. Paired with the Queen diamond earrings, this luxury diamond necklace will make you the most fulfilled woman on your wedding day. An artisanal work at an exhilarating price that deserves to be discovered without delay at Celinni.

Triumph Diamond Necklace

You will certainly triumph if you arm yourself with a necklace as divine as the Celinni Triomphe diamond necklace. This splendid necklace is paved with 150 carefully cut diamonds, hand-mounted on a gold or platinum setting. This best seller from the Celinni Accompanied by the Triomphe diamond earrings, you will be the queen of brides for the most beautiful day of your existence.

VENDÔME diamond necklace

The Vendôme diamond necklace truly deserves its name as it ranks among the best diamond necklaces made by all the jewelers of Place Vendôme. Following the diamond paving model, this necklace is meticulously set with over 200 subtle diamonds. Each piece is articulated. For an evening or your wedding, adorned with this suave jewel accompanied by Vendôme diamond earrings, you will ascend to the throne of nobility and majesty.

Custom-made diamond necklaces and pendants at Celinni

If the necklace or pendant you are looking for is not available in our jewelry stores or you want a personal necklace, or even it can happen that you like a model but you would like it less loaded with diamonds or maybe more loaded, we will create them all for you. We just need an image, an idea or a drawing that will interpret your wish and the dream will translate into a happy reality. Personalizing a pendant or a diamond necklace also means choosing the metal between gold and platinum, choosing the color of the gold between pink, white or yellow, choosing the size, shape, quality and weight of the diamond. Several things to take into consideration that the kind diamond dealers of Celinni will explain for you when you go to see them in their respective workshops.