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Emblem of love, passion, courage, and emotion, the ruby is a gemstone of striking beauty. Its blood-red color is one of its most distinctive attributes, and its hue can range from light pink to a darker red, offering a depth that is simply fascinating to look at. The ruby is a rare and highly coveted gem whose value can exceed that of diamonds of the same size, depending on its purity, color, size, and cut.

Associated with the month of July, the ruby has a richly diverse history and symbolism. In many cultures, this stone was considered the king of all jewels, a symbol of royalty worn by emperors and kings throughout the centuries. Moreover, the ruby has long been considered a good luck charm, bestowing good fortune on its owner.

These magnificent gems are often associated with blood and fire due to their vibrant color. These symbols are both exciting and powerful, reflecting the loyalty, courage, and vitality of those who wear them. In jewelry, the ruby pairs wonderfully with the diamond, which offers a discreet and neutral contrast, thus highlighting the fiery splendor of the ruby. This is why it is very common to find gemstone necklaces proposing a harmonious association between the ruby and the diamond.

The ruby is composed of corundum, the second hardest mineral after diamond. Their hardness and durability make them an ideal gemstone for all types of jewelry, including rings and other jewelry often subjected to significant wear. In addition, the ruby is also celebrated for its therapeutic powers in lithotherapy, where it is credited with revitalizing and energizing properties.

The ruby continues to be a highly prized gem for its timeless beauty, resilience, and strong symbolism. Whether as a July birthday gift or as a central gemstone in a piece of jewelry, the ruby is a choice that expresses deep love, courage, and commitment.


You are looking for a ruby, you want to buy a ruby or get more information to choose a ruby? In this article, we will see how to choose a ruby, with the advice and help of an expert working at Diamantaire Celinni.

We will also see how to find the ideal ruby and at the best quality - price ratio. Following this article, you will then be able to order a ruby, a jewel or a ruby ring with complete peace of mind and having made the right choice.

What is a ruby?

The ruby is a red stone that comes from corundum, a well-known mineral, which also includes sapphire as a precious stone. The red hue of the ruby comes from the chrome present in the corundum.

How to choose a ruby?

To choose a Ruby, it is very important to ask the following questions:

What is the desired shape of my ruby?

Generally, Rubies are cut in Cushion or Oval shapes like their cousins the Sapphires, as these are the shapes that will allow for the least loss and the most beautiful possible color.

It is also possible to find round Rubies, but they will be more expensive as there are far fewer stones of this shape on the market.

What carat weight should I choose for my ruby?

Selecting the Carat weight is a crucial step in a search for Stones.

There are different elements to take into account. It is important to ensure that the stone does not look too small once set. It is also important to note that large Rubies are rarer than large Sapphires, so the price will not be the same.

What is the desired color of my ruby?

As you can see in the article on ruby colors, this stone will have different shades. Rubies can be a deep red that is also called 'pigeon's blood' but they can also lean towards Pink, these will then be 'Pinkish' Rubies.


What is the budget allocated for my ruby?

What is the budget allocated for my ruby?

The price of Rubies depends on 4 criteria like that of Diamonds:
● Its weight
● Its color
● Its purity
● The quality of its cut

It is important to note that for a 1 Carat Ruby depending on these different criteria, the price can be from a few hundred euros for a very light stone or tending towards Pink to several thousand dollars. In addition, Rubies of equal quality are more expensive than Sapphires.

There is also a 5ᵗʰ criterion that is taken into account in the price of the stone, it is the origin of the latter. This criterion can double the price, which is why sellers often indicate the origin. The most beautiful origins will be Burma, Cambodia and Mozambique.

Choosing a Ruby, like all colored stones, is complicated. It is important to make a list of requirements so that the offers made can match as closely as possible with your expectations.

What is the budget allocated for my ruby?

Where to buy a ruby at the best price ?

At Celinni, a diamond dealer for 6 generations and the leading French diamond dealer, with over 100,000 diamonds and stones listed on our online jewelry store. We can offer you a selection of rubies at the best price and with the best quality/price ratio.

It is notably thanks to partnerships in the main trading places in the world that we can provide you with rubies at the best price.

Our partners are located near production sites throughout Asia, Africa, and South America to ensure the best traceability for you.

At Diamantaire Celinni, we can offer you center stones or paving stones of different qualities. These different colored stones can then be mounted into jewelry, custom-made in our Parisian workshops in accordance with the great French jewelry tradition.

If you would like a quote or to make an appointment for a purchase or to get more information about a ruby, please do not hesitate to follow the "Make an appointment" link below.

Celinni Diamond Dealer: The leading Diamond Dealer in France for 6 generations.

Thanks to our long-standing history, our international network, members of the Antwerp diamond exchange, our desire to reduce the number of intermediaries and to work only with Parisian craftsmen for the making of our jewelry, rings and solitaires, we are the leading diamond dealer in France and we can offer you the best quality/price ratio on rubies.



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