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Engagement Rings

The Celinni women's engagement ring collection reflects the excellence of a French jeweler who crafts his jewelry in the Parisian tradition. Our solitaire rings are designed with simplicity and elegance. Each engagement ring is unique and engraving is offered free of charge.

White Diamond Engagement Rings Promise Collection

Every diamond engagement ring in the women's collection Promesse is available in yellow gold, rose gold, 18k white gold, 750 thousandths or platinum. The Promesse engagement rings are made with High Jewelry quality natural diamonds, from I I1 to D IF, and from 0.30 to 1.50 carats.

Diamond Engagement Rings Celinni 1968 Collection

All our engagement rings can be customized in eco-responsible 750-thousandths yellow gold, rose gold, rhodium-plated white gold, or 950 platinum. You can also choose the carat weight of your diamond as well as its quality. We guarantee you the most beautiful engagement rings at the fairest price.



Luxury packaging

Each engagement ring is carefully presented in a luxury LED box.


Interview Offered

All our rings come with a free refurbishment every 18 months.


Guaranteed and free delivery

Delivery costs are free in Metropolitan France. The jewelry is insured until delivery.


Engraving offered

Customization is offered with every ring from Maison Celinni.

change one's mind

30 days to change your mind

Engagement rings come with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

The different engagement collections of the House

Celinni House offers over 15,000 variations to guarantee you a unique engagement ring specially made in Paris for you.

Solitaire rings with paving

The side paving of an engagement ring enhances its center stone and forms a line of diamond brilliance that would make one forget its gold or platinum structure.

Engagement ring paving
Halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings

The Halo engagement solitaire allows the central diamond to appear larger than its initial size. Technically, the center stone is set on its gold or platinum mount and is surrounded by a single or double line of pave diamonds.

Engagement rings by collection

The iconic solitaire collections from Maison Celinni are made in our workshops and can be customized, making them unique. You can choose the alloy, shape, and quality of the diamond according to your desires.

Engagement ring collection


The engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment between two partners in a relationship. She is the promise of a future marriage proposal. Tradition dictates that engagements are celebrated before the wedding. The ring is circular in shape to symbolize the universality of love and fidelity: without beginning or end. The tradition of the engagement ring dates back to antiquity to announce infinite love.


The solitaire ring changes its appearance depending on how it is set. The setting is one of the essential elements of jewelry making from both an aesthetic and safety point of view.
To choose your engagement ring, you will need to decide among these options:

The prong setting

- The central diamond of the engagement ring is set high on 4 or 6 prongs.

- This is the most popular type of setting because the workshop highlights the central diamond to the maximum.

The closed setting

- The center stone of your ring is surrounded by a metal band.

- It's the most secure type of setting.

The rail setting

- The engagement solitaire is inserted into the ring at its ends.

- Rail-set rings are highly sought after because they appear with the least amount of visible metal.

The paved setting

- Generally used on the side diamonds to enhance the central diamond.

- The diamonds are arranged next to each other to create a line of brilliance.

Choosing an engagement ring in Gold or Platinum

The metal is constantly in contact with the skin and objects, as it is what allows the ring to securely attach to the finger, so it tends to tarnish or turn yellow or black if it is of poor quality. For this reason, it must be chosen carefully, especially for a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring that should be worn continuously and last forever.


It is the most precious and durable metal for an engagement ring. Composed of 95% platinum and 5% alloys, it is the metal that best resists daily wear and tear, it does not lose its shine over time and perfectly supports the precious stone. Even if it costs significantly more than other metals, it's worth it, we're talking about an engagement ring.

See the Platinum engagement rings
Platinum engagement ring
White gold engagement ring


Just as durable and strong as platinum, white gold is the trend of the moment. Its shiny silver color is obtained after being dyed with a rare metal called rhodium. Otherwise, 18 carat white gold is a mixture of yellow gold and several alloys such as zinc and copper. This metal is ideal because it is suitable for all kinds of engagement rings.

See the white gold engagement rings


It is the most common metal for engagement rings. Requiring no maintenance, 18 carat yellow gold is the most used metal in jewelry and the most in demand. Never loses its shine nor gets scratched, it's the suitable metal for everyday jewelry. However, it is necessary to know which precious stone it should be associated with.

See the yellow gold engagement rings
Yellow gold engagement ring
Rose gold engagement ring


Highly appreciated for its soft pink color, rose gold is very popular among lovers of originality. Combining perfectly with the diamond, it is mainly used in the design of diamond solitaires. Durable and resistant, soft and shiny, it certainly deserves its place among the precious metals.

See the rose gold engagement rings


The expert diamond cutters at Maison Celinni are not only certified, but also passionate, and have only one vocation: to accompany you throughout your creation, and to satisfy you.

That's why we are at your disposal 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm through our dedicated hotline at +33 1 42 80 27 36, on chat, by email, or on Whatsapp.


Traditionally, the engagement ring is associated with the diamond. This stone is unparalleled, no one can attest otherwise. It is the stone that openly characterizes the purpose of this offering. I want you, and I want our union to be as enduring as the durability of this stone, the fiancé will say to his sweetheart without having to utter a word by offering her his engagement ring.

Other precious stones are also appreciated by certain categories of people but far behind the diamond, citing the sapphire, aquamarine, emerald and ruby. Consult the birthstone guide to choose a precious stone. Do not venture to choose one of these stones for your fiancée unless her wish has been openly expressed to you. The diamond remains the best choice par excellence.

Frequently asked questions when buying your ring

Tradition dictates that the engagement ring should be a gold or platinum band set with a diamond known as a solitaire. The engagement ring can be topped with a single diamond or a pave setting, depending on the future bride's tastes.