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Gemstone Wedding Bands

Diamond specialist, the Celinni also has a real expertise in gemstones. Having a privileged network, our jewelry experts offer a wide choice of gems at an interesting price, carefully selected, which are then set by hand in our Parisian workshops. Our precious stone wedding rings are flamboyant and colorful. The originality of these wedding rings will seduce you.

Blue Diamonds Blue Sapphires

All blue diamond rings from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our blue diamond rings are available in AAA quality diamonds.

Black Diamonds

All black diamond wedding rings from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our black diamond wedding rings are available in AAA quality diamonds.

Red Diamonds Rubies

All the red diamond wedding rings from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our red diamond wedding rings are available in AAA quality diamonds.

Green Diamonds

All green diamond wedding rings from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our green diamond wedding rings are available in AAA quality diamonds.

Pink Sapphires

All pink sapphire wedding rings from the Celinni collections are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum.

Purple Diamonds

All green diamond wedding rings from the Celinni collections can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our green diamond wedding rings are available in AAA quality diamonds.


Chocolate diamonds



The most beautiful gold and precious stone alliances at Celinni

The wedding ring, an undeniable piece of jewelry that a married couple must wear throughout their life, often leads to long reflection and exchange between the future spouses to make an irreversible and especially very satisfactory choice. Among all the things we buy for ourselves, including the most expensive such as a house or a car, mistakes can be made because selling them and buying another one has no meaning and does not cause any sentimental or emotional harm to a couple's life. Everything is replaceable except the wedding ring. Assuming one loses their ring and replaces it with another identical to the one they lost, elle will never have the same value as the first. That's why it's important to think carefully and take your time to meticulously choose your wedding ring. You've got it! There's no room for mistakes!

The choice of a wedding ring usually lies in the choice of precious metal and its color, style, weight, and shape, and especially the precious stone or stones that will adorn it.
If the diamond is the most coveted pearl for its various physical and moral virtues, other stones such as ruby, sapphire, or emerald may very well suit your personality and bring you fulfillment and well-being. To see them all up close, a collection of Celinni precious stone wedding rings is displayed on our site, you can make an appointment and come visit us in our various showrooms to try on rings with different stones and benefit from the advice of our expert jewelers for a flawless journey.
We will try to guide you through the following to give you a general idea about the characteristics of our gemstone rings.

The essential diamond alliance

The diamond is the quintessential precious gem of wedding rings, largely due to its invincibility, durability, brilliance, and versatile transparent color. This rare but available stone has always captivated people. Owning a diamond ring is everyone's dream. This dream is often realized by Celinni, the initiator of diamond democratization.

This mysterious stone, a symbol of love and purity, set on a white gold, rose gold, or 18-carat yellow gold ring or on platinum, gives birth to a stunning wedding band. The diamond pearl must be carefully chosen and meet the standards of the famous 4C. To get to know the diamond and learn how to choose it, get in touch with the experienced diamond dealers at Celinni to properly train and inform you.

A gold and diamond ring can suit any type of person and match any type of outfit. However, if you wish to combine diamonds and color, opt for colored diamond wedding rings. Yes, at Celinni we have stunning rings with red, green, blue, purple, pink, or even black colored diamonds.
Our main models are full eternity diamond wedding bands or half-eternity diamond bands. Each style consists of models classified according to the type of metal, the color of the gold, and especially the type of diamond setting and its color. Overall, you will have a choice between diamonds set in Rail, baguette, 2 or 4 prongs, 4 grains, or princess Rail.

Diamond and precious stones association

If you browse our website or visit one of the Celinni jewelry stores, you will discover sumptuous and very original wedding rings made from gold of course, but set with diamond stones combined with other precious stones. Thus, you can find:
• full circle diamond ruby wedding rings;
• full circle diamond sapphire wedding rings;
• full round diamond emerald wedding rings;
• diamond ruby wedding bands;
• half-eternity diamond sapphire wedding bands;
• emerald diamond wedding half-eternity rings.
Then each diamond or precious stone is set in one of the various ways mentioned before on gold of one of the three known colors, namely white, rose, or yellow gold.
The combination of diamond with one of the other precious stones, ruby, sapphire or emerald, creates an energy stimulation, wards off bad vibes and brings out the shine and virtues of each stone.

The magnificent Ruby wedding rings

Red is the color of love, remember on Valentine's Day for example, we only see red. At weddings, some brides like to add a touch of red to their wedding dress or to the decor of the room, such as red ribbons. In this case, why not choose a wedding ring set with magnificent red rubies? Like the diamond, the ruby is a solid and durable stone. A full ruby wedding ring or a half ruby wedding ring will mark your wedding with a significant touch of originality. What a magical moment it would be when your partner puts on your finger a magnificent wedding ring with the warm sparkle of ruby!

Celinni has designed breathtakingly beautiful ruby wedding rings for you, don't hesitate to discover them. Our ruby wedding ring models come in different styles, so you will find rail-set rings fully paved with rubies, bar-set rings, baguette-set rings, 4-grain rings, or claw-set rings. From the thinnest ring with the most discreet pearls to the most voluminous, these wedding rings are all more sumptuous than the other. Contact our diamond dealers at Celinni to discuss your tastes to choose the size, weight and color shade and purity of the rubies that will adorn your wedding ring.
Accompanied by diamond, the ruby offers other dimensions of sparkle and beauty, flagship models from Celinni are an example:
• alliance of baguette diamonds rail and ruby diamonds rail;
• diamond alliance rail baguette diamond rail fully paved with rubies;
• princess ruby diamond half-eternity rings.
You can see for yourself the other splendid models of Celinni, words will never be enough to display or express everything.

What does the ruby symbolize?

To express fervent love, nothing beats a deep red ruby. A symbol of love, desire, and passion, this stone will envelop you with health and vitality., elle will protect you from the evil eye and bad intentions associated with malicious souls. Wear your ruby wedding ring and move forward, confident that everything synonymous with love and benevolence will accompany you.

The sublime Sapphire wedding rings

Blue, this soothing color, is universally agreed upon. It's unthinkable that there is a person on Earth who does not own a blue object that they really cherish. Blue is the dominant color of the sapphire, even though it comes in other shades like pink, yellow, green, or orange. The sapphire is the second hardest stone after the diamond. This stone symbolizes durability and longevity. Giving it to your wife on your wedding day in the form of sapphire wedding rings signifies the depth of your commitment and the sincerity of your intentions. If you give her a full circle sapphire ring, you risk winning your love's heart over. If you pair it with a diamond to get her a full circle diamond and sapphire ring, you will leave a lasting impression, you will win her ultimate trust because... elle will know that with you elle will be fulfilled and you will always choose what is best for elle.
A half-sapphire alliance also has its own particular charm. Choosing it is not at all trivial, with sapphires set in rail, bar, grain or claw, or combined with diamonds, your chosen jewelry will delight your beloved who will forever believe in your love and sincerity.

What does the sapphire symbolize?

In precious stones, blue surpasses the limits of beauty and sumptuousness to move towards virtues of purity and spirituality. The sapphire has since been used to promote peace, happiness, harmony, sincerity, and trust. Exchanging sapphire wedding rings or giving your wife a sapphire wedding ring creates a bond of understanding, fusion, and cohesion. For its solidity, the sapphire also symbolizes the promesse of eternal fidelity and loyalty. The Latin origin of the word sapphire, which means "the most beautiful thing", explains everything. Treat yourself to sapphire wedding rings or sapphire diamond rings to attract all the beautiful things.

Emerald wedding rings

The color of life, the emerald is a precious stone that evokes warmth, tenderness, and benevolence. Placing it on your partner's finger on the day of exchanging eternal promises allows you to convey a meaningful message that will symbolize fertility, positive abundance, protection, and loyalty.
The emerald, althoughelle It may be resistant, but it is the most fragile of precious stones, so it must be chosen with care. Surprising but true, the most sought-after emerald is the one that contains a few imperfections called the emerald garden.

For your wedding, if you decide to opt for emerald wedding rings, you can choose from Celinni between a full-circle emerald ring or a half-set emerald ring with rail, baguette, prong or bead settings. However, with the help of our experts, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the emeralds. Experienced and able to distinguish the real from the fake, they will faithfully advise you so that you can choose the best for the best day of your life.

Paired with a diamond, the emerald will fill its surroundings with energy and vitality thanks to the energetic interaction of these complementary stones. A diamond and emerald band will transport your loved one into the world of Arabian Nights to swim in the magic of love and happiness.

What does the emerald symbolize?

The emerald is renowned for its healing, soothing and tranquilizing virtues, it helps its wearer to dissociate from their worries, to purify their mind and to regain inner peace. Thanks to its purifying effects, the owner of an emerald will quickly feel full of vitality and youth. It is the pearl of life and rebirth. Therefore, emerald wedding rings would be a very good choice for your wedding.

How are Celinni wedding rings made?

Cellini's expertise is passed down from father to son and from seasoned diamond dealers to the less experienced across six generations to always offer the best and keep pace with modernity while looking back to preserve the beautiful traditions of French jewelry. First, the most durable and reliable metals are chosen by our gold and platinum experts to ensure a solid foundation for our jewelry.

Next, the choice of gemstones is made with the utmost care, no mistakes are tolerated. Acquiring a pure, top-quality pearl is our primary concern. Once the raw materials are gathered, our dedicated diamond cutters immerse themselves in the design of the jewelry. No less than six craftsmen work on a single piece of jewelry to guarantee an optimal result.

If you desire an exceptional piece of jewelry or unique precious gemstone wedding bands, unique to you and owned by no one else, send us your idea, through a picture, a drawing, or a simple explanation, and we will make it a reality within about ten days. Our workshops are equipped with modern technological features that will help us show you your piece of jewelry even before it is designed to avoid any mistakes or dissatisfaction. Mistakes are not in our vocabulary. With Celinni, satisfaction is guaranteed.