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You want to treat yourself, or perhaps you want to delight the person you love, but the ring size is causing you concern? Don't worry, you're in the right place to understand everything.

There's always that little fear, that doubt that it might not fit perfectly. This is especially true when it comes to an engagement ring! So how can you avoid making a mistake?

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Receive your ring sizer free of charge to be sure of the finger size to choose for your next purchase. The ring sizer and its delivery are offered by Maison Celinni. Please complete this form so that we can send you your ring sizer.

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Why is it important to know your own or your partner's ring size?

Knowing this measurement is crucial. It may seem trivial, but depending on the shape of the ring or the finger, a size can vary greatly. Most of the time when we are in a store, we try on a ring., elle We go and come back without even knowing what our real size is. But when giving a ring or ordering online for ourselves or for someone else, the problem is very much present in these situations.

When you give a ring to your partner or a friend, you want that ring to fit them perfectly. It's important for you not to make a mistake, you want it to be a ring thatelle can wear it right now. You don't want to force her to wait again before she can wear this jewel.

When a ring does not fit perfectly, it is possible to send it back for resizing. But be aware that if your ring has been engraved, the jewelers will have to engrave the ring again.
Furthermore, if the ring of the jewel is a full turn with diamonds, it is very difficult to resize. We cannot remove a diamond as it would leave a hole among all the diamonds that are on the ring.

Another reason to emphasize the importance of knowing this measurement is that when a ring fits perfectly, you can feel it. It's as if you're not wearing a ring at all! Whereas a ring that is not perfectly your size will slip, move and you will constantly have to put it back in place. This situation is not very pleasant.

Even though we can always adjust the size of a ring, it's still better to offer a diamond ring, an engagement ring, or a wedding band in the right size the first time around, don't you think?

For all these reasons, knowing your own ring size or that of our partner is very important. So, how do you find out your ring size?

What are the different methods to measure one's finger size?

There are different methods to measure your finger size, here are the various techniques you can use:

TECHNIQUE 1: Measure with a ring sizer at home

The ring sizer is a very good technique for easily measuring one's finger size. In fact, it is one of the most reliable methods. Celinni sends you a free ring sizer model directly. You receive this ring sizer in just 48 hours on your email address, even from a distance. Celinni accompanies you in choosing your ring. All you need to do is take a ring that belongs to you and compare the INNER diameter of your ring with the different sizes on the ring sizer.

Our ring sizer is available for free and directly from our online jewelry store by following the link below:

TECHNIQUE 2: Measuring your own finger circumference

We have different methods here:

  • Using a flexible tape measure (like the one used in sewing): wrap the tape measure around your finger, at the widest part of your finger, to measure its diameter. If on your tape measure, you measure a circumference of your finger of 5.4 cm for example, then you simply have to multiply by 10 to find your ring size. So in this case, we would have a ring size of 54.
  • If you do not have a flexible tape measure: you can use the same method with a ribbon or a string. Wrap it around your finger, then mark the intersection with a pen. Measure it with a ruler and you will get the same result as if you were using a tape measure.
  • Using a ruler: you just need to take a ring that you wear on the finger on which you want to wear your future ring and measure the INNER diameter with the ruler. You need to be careful to be in the center of the ring. Once the diameter is measured: use the following calculation method to know the size of your ring:

Inner diameter of your ring x 3.1415 = finger circumference

TECHNIQUE 3: Measuring another person's finger circumference

These techniques are often used to gift a ring to someone else. It could be for an engagement ring where the surprise must be perfect or just a gift. But it's not always easy to know the ring size. So here are some methods that will be very useful to you: (for all these methods, you will still need to borrow a ring from this person and then go to a jeweler or diamond dealer to know the exact size)

  • With a piece of paper: take the ring, position it on a sheet of paper and trace the inner circle of the ring with a pen on the end of the paper.
  • Using soap: as strange as it may seem, you can indeed use soap to determine a ring size. Take the ring and press it onto a hard soap, this way you will have an impression of the ring directly on the soap.
  • Using your fingers: slide the ring along one of your fingers and make a mark with a pen.

TECHNIQUE 4: Ask a jeweler or a diamond dealer

The last technique is simply to go to a jeweler or diamond dealer. This technique will be mandatory if you use technique 3. Going directly to a professional will ensure that you get the right finger size for your ring. This step is almost mandatory when it comes to an engagement ring or wedding bands. These professionals will have the adequate and precise tools, so there will be little chance of making a mistake on the ring size.

Why are you asking for advice? Celinni ?

The Celinni offers you personalized and tailor-made follow-up even from a distance. Remotely, thanks to the free sending of a ring sizer that you can use at your convenience. So even if you order online, you can find the right size with our help.

The Celinni Has showrooms in every corner of France: Paris, Lille, Nice, Bordeaux, Lyon. But also abroad with our showrooms located in Switzerland (Lausanne) and Morocco (Casablanca).

With all its showrooms, the Celinni is geographically accessible. Our diamond dealers are trained to provide you with an exceptional experience, to help you make the right choice, and to advise you in the best way possible. They will take care of choosing the right size for your ring and they will offer you a selection of rings, wedding bands, or engagement rings at the best price. You can even create a custom and totally personalized ring at Celinni.

1 The diamond is the most resistant stone, so over time it has become the emblem of marital fidelity. The larger the diamond a woman wore, the more powerful her husband appeared and the more admiration he aroused.

2Diamonds are very ancient and are almost as old as the Earth (you are wearing a stone on your finger that is billions of years old).

Advice from the diamond dealer:

The carat of the diamond is unique to each person. Everyone will choose the weight that they like and that suits them best. One should not forget the morphology of the fingers, for example for an engagement ring.

  • If you are using a ring sizer and are hesitating between two finger sizes, we advise you to choose the larger size of the two.
  • If you use the Celinni ring sizer, we will send it to your email address. It is crucial to be careful when printing it. It must be printed in the correct format otherwise the sizes will be incorrect.
  • When measuring your finger size, it is best to do it at the end of the day when your fingers are still "warm". If you do it earlier, your fingers will generally be thinner and you risk choosing a size that is too small.