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Cocktail Rings High Jewelry

Offering prestige and luxury, the high jewelry ring collection of Celinni is dazzling in its technicality and sumptuousness. Composed of both extravagant and unique models paved with diamonds, this range demonstrates the meticulousness and virtuosity of the stone setters and jewelers of the Celinni.

High Jewelry Rings

All High Jewelry rings can be made in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our High Jewelry diamond rings are available in natural diamonds of High Jewelry quality, from I I1 to D IF.


Diamond rings The ring is the most worn piece of jewelry by women and even men since forever. One can do without a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings, but almost never a ring. Generally, each ring hides behind it elle A story. The stories that mark our lives, we want them to be eternal. To immortalize them, nothing beats a solid, durable and invincible ring like a gold and diamond ring. Since antiquity, in the times of the Greeks and ancient Egypt, gold and diamond evoke divinity and immortality. Worn by monarchs, these two precious materials symbolize strength and opulence. Then came the idea of offering them as an exceptional gift, as Archduke Maximilian of Austria did, giving his fiancée Mary of Burgundy a diamond as a pledge of eternal love and fidelity. Since then, a diamond ring is associated with an exceptional event such as an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary or the birth of a child, a fruit of love. Each occasion requires a specific style of ring. To choose it, it is essential to take into account certain criteria.

Which diamond ring to choose, for what occasion

Following the journey that the diamond has taken from its inception to the present day, it is clear that this precious stone is reserved for unique circumstances that mark moments we would want to be eternal. But to give each event a special flavor, the seasoned artists of French jewelry have enjoyed diversifying the styles and models of diamond rings to make them masterpieces and characterize each event.
The diamond craftsmen of Celinni, trained by the elders of French jewelry, follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and continue to enhance the world of diamonds with their unique models and astonishing creativity. The number of women's diamond ring designs resulting from this artistic intelligence is numerous. And the styles relating to each occasion are different. The ring that is given for an engagement is not the one that can be given on one's wedding day or for an anniversary! Each occasion is special and should be characterized by a special piece of jewelry.

Celinni Diamond Ring Styles

Celinni is the first French jewelry store to offer online services for the sale of diamond jewelry. In front of the diamond ring collections displayed on our website or in the various jewelry showrooms located all over France, customers are overwhelmed by the realization that each model is more beautiful than the last. The ideal approach is to come with an idea of the style of the ring you want in order to focus on specific models. Study your preferences or those of your partner beforehand to easily navigate through these divine models of diamond rings. Are you a fan of simplicity or do you prefer a flashy piece of jewelry? Is your partner...elle Blonde, brunette, or redhead? Do you prefer clear or colored pearls? Can your budget allow you to afford any of the displayed rings? All these questions will help you focus better and find an authentic ring. However, Celinni can make your customized diamond ring, if that is what you wish.

Love Links Diamond Rings

The Lien D'Amour diamond rings are named after their shape, representing 3 intertwined rings. This sumptuous ring enhances your beauty with the generous flashes that emanate from its round-shaped diamonds, set on 3 gold rings in a regular manner. Words are not enough to describe this prestigious Lien D'Amour diamond ring., elle is widely available on our website and in our stores. It is an ideal ring as a diamond wedding band, come admire and acquire it to enhance your partner.

Artist Rings

If you really want to surprise your loved one with a ring that is both classic and modern for your engagement or wedding, offer them a Haute Joaillerie Artiste ring. This name is given to it because of its original curved shape in white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum. The diamonds that pave this ring are of brilliant round shape. These stones must be cut in the same way and tinted the same shade of color to ensure the harmony of their sparkles. The Artiste diamond ring adorns the Celinni showcases with its imposing presence and enchanting beauty.

Vendôme diamond rings

The Vendôme diamond ring is one of the wonders that Celinni has in its various boutiques. Made by our dedicated diamond cutters with utmost respect for French jewelry traditions in our modern workshops and connected to the new demands of the profession, this magnificent diamond ring will allow you to make a lasting impression on your partner. Ideal as a diamond engagement ring or for a wedding anniversary, this sumptuous ring will make the eyes of the one to whom you offer this gift shine. Sublime diamonds are arranged on 2 precious metal bands such as gold or platinum with voluptuous curves, levitating parallel to each other, it's for the technical prowess that...elle represents thatelle is called Vendôme. The pave diamonds are harmoniously aligned on the ring.

Diamond wedding rings

The diamond wedding ring, also known as a diamond wedding band, is a sacred piece of jewelry. Regardless of our attachment to a special jewel, the place of a diamond wedding band is unique in the hearts of the bride and groom. That's why Celinni has given it a special place in its jewelry stores and its diamond dealers devote a particular interest and dedication to it. To see all the models of Celinni's diamond wedding bands, log on to our website and enjoy the sumptuousness and richness of our collection, then get in touch with our diamond dealers for more information, guidance and satisfaction. Two main models stand out among a rich and diversified range. Full round diamond wedding rings, this classic of French jewelry is highly sought after by couples due to its imposing appearance and significant value. Elle is characterized by a series of small diamonds of the same size and color set on the complete round of the precious metal ring, namely white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Several varieties of splendid rings are available at Celinni, including:
Diamond Ring Links of Love
Lilia Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring Artist
Maïtica Diamond Ring
Vendôme diamond ring
"Diamond ring Drunken Night"
Cocktail Diamond Ring
Monaco diamond ring

Diamond ring Rue de la Paix

All these models are on display on our website and in the Celinni jewelry showrooms if you want to learn more about their different features.

High Jewelry Diamond Rings

Half-eternity diamond rings for women, this model differs from the previous one in that it is only set with diamonds halfway. It is only the upper part of the ring that is set with a line of diamonds. The advantage with this model is that one can demand larger diamonds because they do not interfere between the fingers. Just like the full eternity diamond ring, the half eternity diamond ring is available in different models, the same ones mentioned before but with half-set rings. All these different models have been made on a base of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum, the choice of metal is up to you.

Solitaire diamond rings

The diamond solitaire is the ring traditionally given for a marriage proposal, which is why it is given the name diamond engagement ring. This ring's purpose is to send a strong message to the future bride. Adorned in the middle by a delicately cut and set imposing diamond, the future husband wants to concretely convey the depth of his feelings and the invincibility of his commitment to his beloved, as well as his ultimate desire to form with... elle a united, close-knit and solid couple, just like this imperishable stone. Two significant models stand out in this style of diamond rings namely:
Simple solitaire diamond ring: this ring carries a single, unique diamond set by two, four, or six prongs in the middle of a precious metal band. The number of prongs plays an important role in the brilliance of the diamond, the fewer prongs there are, the more brilliant the diamond is.
Shoulder set solitaire diamond ring: This wonderful engagement ring features a main diamond, accompanied by two short lines of small diamonds on either side. This set of diamonds, delicately claw-set on a precious metal band, adds delicacy to the fine features of the fiancee's hand and lets out a radiant shine that is reflected in the eyes of admirers.

Choosing the metal for a diamond ring

The value of a diamond is hardly fully revealed unless it is set on a precious metal such as gold or platinum. Platinum, for its rarity and solidity, is the most precious and expensive metal. It is sought after for its color which can suit all circumstances and can go with all colors of precious stones. White gold is the metal closest to platinum given their almost identical color that only sometimes an expert can distinguish. That's why it is considered an excellent alternative to platinum. It is suitable for both white and brown skin. Choose a white gold diamond ring or a platinum diamond ring, so as not to risk making a mistake. Yellow gold is the most solid and coveted precious metal for its durability and elegance. It is essential to choose 18k since it is mostly made of pure gold. It matches most colors and can suit all circumstances. A yellow gold diamond ring is ideal to dazzle your sweetheart. Rose gold, on the other hand, is the ultimate symbol of femininity. If you choose a rose gold diamond ring, be sure to score a point for originality and distinction. This shade of gold is very trendy lately. The pink color is obtained by adding 20% copper to the other alloys that make up gold.

Choose the color, shape, and weight of the diamond.

It's true that the transparent white diamond is the most common stone set in most diamond rings, but diamonds in other colors also inspire dreams and are not lacking in brilliance and elegance. Finding a red, blue, or green diamond is not easy, but when purchasing your diamond ring, you can choose the intensity of your stone's transparency. Of course, the more transparent the diamond, the more valuable and brilliant it becomes. Black diamond rings are not lacking in beauty, but they remain a choice. The price of a diamond is determined by its transparency, shape, and especially its weight in carats. To choose the right diamond, it is essential to consider all these criteria and to refer beforehand to the tastes and preferences of the person for whom the diamond ring is intended.