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Pendants and Precious Stone Necklaces

Diamond specialist, Celinni also has a real expertise in precious stones. With a privileged network, our jewelry experts offer a wide choice of gems at a negotiated rate, carefully selected, which are then hand-set in our Parisian workshops, to become sublime precious stone pendants. A special occasion to celebrate? Our precious stone pendants will be the ideal gift.

Ma Vie Gemstone Pendants

All pendants from the Ma vie collection are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond pendants are available in AAA quality gemstones, including black diamond, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby.

Mon Amour Gemstone Pendants

All pendants from the Mon amour collection by Celinni are available in yellow gold, rose gold, recycled 18k white gold, or platinum. Our diamond pendants are available in AAA quality precious stones, including black diamond, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby.


French jewellery is so rich that every time new models appear on the market, they make us lose our heads. At Celinni, the creative spirit of our diamond craftsmen gives free rein to their imagination and is carried away by their enthusiasm to enhance the world of jewellery every day with a new model, while relying on the values of French tradition. Models of wedding rings and engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, wedding sets and especially necklaces and diamond and gemstone pendants. The necklace with a diamond pendant is the beauty accessory that every woman should have in her jewellery box. Timeless, always in fashion and never losing its value, it can be a long-term investment and a heritage to pass down through generations. However, the diamond is not the only precious stone that bewitches lovers of luxury and brilliance. Other stones such as emerald, ruby or sapphire are just as beautiful and radiant as diamond with which we can make luxury pendants or necklaces.

Diamond necklaces and pendants

The diamond is the gem of major occasions but it could also be worn every day. Mounted on a ring, earrings, or a bracelet, the diamond intrigues those who look at it with its breathtaking sparkles and the sensations it evokes in us just by casting our gaze upon it. Mounted on a pendant or a necklace, it's a whole different story. The necklace, and mainly the pendant, is positioned in the center of our body. A strategic place firstly to capture the slightest light and reflect it on the surroundings, and secondly to attract the eyes that will see the magnificence of this diamond in you. Celinni has designed sensational diamond pendant models for you, of which here are a few examples that we have dedicated a special article to read on our website or to see in pictures.
diamond pendant Promesse
diamond pendant Elle
Pema diamond pendant
diamond pendant Mon amour
diamond pendant Ma vie
Eternity Diamond Necklace
Triumph diamond necklace
Vendôme diamond necklace
All these models can be customized by choosing the metal, precious stones and their various characteristics. If you want another way to personalize them to your liking, or a special precious stone pendant, send us your wish, we will make it perfectly for you.

Black diamond necklaces and pendants

What other jewelry could enhance a woman's elegance more than a black diamond white gold pendant. This gem of Parisian Jewelry is set with a splendid black diamond accompanied by a superior quality diamond paving, it is made to spice up your beautiful outfit. We offer you two models of this black diamond wonder namely the Mon amour and the model Ma vie. The two models consist of a black diamond in the center, claw-set and surrounded by small diamond stones. However, for the first model these small stones are grain-set and for the second, they are set with 2 claws. Mounted on a white gold chain, a black diamond white gold necklace type. Mon amour or type Ma vie will see the light of day to captivate you. It's up to you to decide and choose between these two breathtaking necklaces that bring finesse and femininity to a woman's body.

Emerald necklaces and pendants

With its soothing color, the white gold emerald necklace refreshes your outfits, brings a sparkle to your look. The pendant of this magnificent piece of jewelry, featuring a striking emerald surrounded by small diamonds, does not go unnoticed. This gemstone is a symbol of joie de vivre and good taste, in fact, one can spend long minutes admiring the small green rays it emits without getting tired of it. As with the black diamond, the Emerald pendant comes in two forms, the first one called Mon amour, the second Ma vie. You need to look closely at the two models to distinguish them. The major difference lies in the setting of the small diamond stones. They are grain set for the first, while for the second, they are set with 2 prongs. It's a model that can be customized as desired, if you want another metal for example to get an emerald yellow gold necklace. Nothing is impossible, everything is achievable at Celinni.

Ruby necklaces and pendants

The ruby in its bright red represents power and energy, it brings out the strength of a fighting woman. If you offer it, you will give love with it. We offer you a pendant with a red ruby in the center that shines with all its splendors with small high-end diamonds all around to form a magnificent blend that dazzles a woman's neck. In your evening dress with a beautiful white gold Ruby necklace, you will have the world at your feet. Between the model Mon amour and the model Ma vie, The difference is only superficial. The effect remains the same. If you want a pendant that reflects your personality, get in touch with our diamond experts to customize it as you wish. Choose a different metal or a different color or even a non-existent model, we will surely satisfy you, our trust in our diamond experts is blind.

Sapphire Necklaces and Pendants

If you are looking for a blue stone pendant, opt for the sapphire. A white gold sapphire pendant attached to a chain of the same metal makes an extremely beautiful necklace. The choice at Celinni is multiple, you can choose the model of the pendant since we have the sapphire pendant. Mon amour and the sapphire pendant Ma vie. The Mon amour is adorned with a central claw-set stone surrounded by smaller grain-set stones. The Ma vie As for him, it consists of a central stone always set with prongs and small stones all around set with 2 prongs. You will also have to choose between the color of the sapphire since Celinni also has in its possession pink sapphire pendants and yellow sapphire pendants. If you want to be both beautiful and protected and you would like a protective stone necklace, buy the Celinni sapphire necklace.

How to wear a necklace or a gemstone pendant

Choose the type of your necklace according to the neckline of your dress or blouse. Pendants go perfectly with open V or strapless necklines as well as for blouse collars. For narrow collars, opt for short or choker necklaces. You can also choose your necklace based on your body shape. With a small chest, you are entitled to a nice long necklace or even several that can flow down your torso. But with a more generous chest, a length up to the base of the breasts is enough to highlight your sensational lines. The shape of the face and neck is also important when choosing a necklace that will enhance the contours of your chin, for a round face and a neck that is not very slender, prefer long necklaces like a sautoir, avoid too short necklaces such as chokers that tend to crowd your face. Another way to choose which necklace to wear is your hairstyle. Make sure your necklace is not hidden by your loose hair scattered over your shoulders and bust, especially when it is too thick.

What other type of jewelry can you wear with a precious stone necklace?

Wearing a necklace with precious stones is different from any other accessory. A gold and diamond necklace is the necklace for grand occasions, you wear it to stand out and enhance your features. On the occasion of your wedding or when you are invited to a chic and special evening, wearing pendants or a necklace with only diamonds will not be enough. Accompany your necklace with a magnificent diamond ring and a splendid pair of diamond earrings of the same kind will make you irresistible, so simply wearing a set would be ideal. At Celinni, we are committed to designing jewelry with identical characteristics to allow you to adapt the jewelry to the situation, your outfit, or a piece of jewelry you already own to enhance it further. Almost all the necklaces we have in our possession, from the simplest to the most extravagant, have matching earrings. For example, a REINE diamond necklace should be paired with REINE diamond earrings available at Celinni, which you can see on our website or discover in our showroom in Paris or anywhere else we are located in France. The same goes for the Triomphe or Vendome diamond necklaces. Other precious stones mounted on necklaces can also make sublime sets by pairing them with earrings and rings of the same characteristics. As an example, we could mention a ruby pendant necklace. Mon amour Find her earrings among our collection of gemstone earrings, also known as ruby earrings. Mon amour. The same goes for all our gemstone necklaces, from diamond to sapphire, emerald and ruby. If you already possess a piece that is dear to you, but for which you cannot find an equivalent in earrings, ring or necklace, bring us your favorite jewelry. We will create the piece you want in just a few days or weeks, depending on your jewel as we work by hand in the manner of our valiant jewelers who have erected the traditions of French jewelry.

Can we find a cheap gemstone necklace at Celinni?

To determine if a necklace is expensive or not, it should not be compared to our budget or a price we have set for ourselves. Instead, its price must be compared first to the quality of the metal and its weight as well as the characteristics of the gemstone including the size, weight, shape, and the number of pieces mounted on your jewelry. This is what we call the quality/price ratio. Celinni displays the best quality/price ratios in the market on this aspect. Another point to consider is the comparison of the price against the market price. You will easily notice that our prices are the lowest in the market. Some items display a discount that can reach very high percentages, up to over 50% without any exaggeration. This difference is the result of our goodwill and our love for diamonds, wanting to democratize them and make them accessible to everyone. We try to negotiate prices with our suppliers at the source so as not to burden you with prices above your capabilities. In conclusion, if one thinks reasonably, it can be estimated that yes, at Celinni, one can very well find an affordable diamond necklace or a gemstone necklace of your choice that is quite affordable.