Reflecting the purity and simplicity of your love, the simple wedding bands in gold or platinum are a classic of Parisian jewelry. Proud of its ecological commitments, the Celinni only works with responsible 18k yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, or with platinum, thereby limiting its ecological impact on the environment.

Luxury Wedding Rings 18k Yellow Gold 750 1000

Made in Paris, France, our collection of classic wedding rings revisits the three most famous models from Place Vendôme. Customize your ring by choosing an engraving that is offered

Luxury Wedding Rings 18k White Gold 750 1000

Prestige white gold wedding rings are melted with palladium ensuring a white color and shine for your wedding ring. Take advantage of our easy 10x interest-free payment

Luxury Wedding Rings 18k Rose Gold 750 1000

Rose gold wedding rings have been very successful for a decade because they are a sign of refinement and elegance. Don't forget to select the engraving that is offered if you want a unique ring.

Luxury Platinum Wedding Rings 950 1000

Platinum is the most majestic of the alloys used by the Grand Parisian Jewelers. We specialize in creating wedding bands in this material that we sell at direct prices without intermediaries


Marriage is an event that sometimes requires colossal preparations, but one can make concessions on certain things if we see that the expenses will be beyond our financial capabilities. This can include organizing a dinner, not inviting many people, choosing a modest but warm and friendly place like the family garden for example, and many other ways. But can one propose without an engagement ring? Or can one get married without a wedding ring? The answer is no! It's even unimaginable!

The importance of wedding rings goes beyond being a simple ritual dictated by tradition. Their meaning is much deeper, they take their roots from the burning love that the human species has felt since the dawn of time.
The act of giving or exchanging wedding rings is dictated by a noble and universal feeling that a man and a woman feel for each other. This feeling of love never comes alone, it is eternally accompanied by a need for attachment, possession, and merging into each other, hence the terms MY or MY fiancé, MY wife, MY husband. All this passion and adulation are interpreted by this act of putting on a ring. original wedding ring on the finger of the beloved to tell each other "I am smitten with you, from now on you are mine".


Cellini, since its inception and through six generations, has made wedding rings its priority. Its goal has always been, and still is, to enchant its customers with its unique creations thanks to the ancestral know-how of its diamond craftsmen. The intoxicating collections of wedding and engagement rings available from Celinni will make your nuptial journey; from your engagement to the celebration of your wedding a true fairy tale. At Celinni, the future bride is queen, we take great pleasure in adorning her with an irresistible model of a wedding ring. Whether you are looking for a woman's engagement ring for your marriage proposal, or wedding rings or... cheap wedding rings For D-day, Celinni opens its doors for you to choose the ring or rings of your dreams.


The wedding begins to materialize from your first declaration to the chosen one of your heart to want to marry her. The number one is always sacred. You will make a huge mistake if you let this exceptional day pass without marking it with a remarkable gesture. The ideal is to immortalize this unique moment with a unique engagement ring. Look no further, you are on the Celinni website, check out our collection of engagement rings, we promise to find the one that will fill your sweetheart with joy, if not, to custom make it for you.
You can choose from our sublime collectionsolitaire wedding ring in a simple diamond. The diamond of your choice of shape and weight is set on a mount of yellow, rose, white or two-tone 18 carat 750/1000 gold, or 950/1000 platinum. Or among our solitaire diamond shoulder wedding rings, these wonders that you will also find in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. The choice of setting for the central diamond or those that accompany it is possible. What makes Celinni the leading online jeweler is our performance, the reliability of our jewelry and our diamonds that we source directly, leaving no room for potential malfeasance. Our diamonds are certified and sold at very competitive prices. The democratization of the diamond is our business.


The crucial moment during a wedding is the moment of sealing this union, which until then was virtual, by the placing of the wedding rings on the fingers. This long-awaited moment, during which a semi-circle of loved ones forms around you, must be memorable. The wedding rings that you will exchange must carry the weight of these magical moments. The different models of wedding rings that can immortalize a moment of this magnitude, you will find them at Celinni.

The creativity and artistic ingenuity of our diamond cutters is in perpetual operation. Fill your eyes with the sparkle of the diamonds from our wedding rings in our different showrooms or simply on our website as long as you are there. You will discover simple gold or platinum wedding rings, luxury women's wedding rings, we have something for all budgets and tastes.
The traditional full-circle diamond ring is available at Celinni with irresistible models, diamonds cut in different shapes: round, baguette, claw-set or embedded between rings, the choice is so diverse that you should take a look to see for yourself the extent of what our diamond experts are capable of. Celinni's half-diamond rings are no less beautiful than their full-circle counterparts, as are our precious stone rings or our colored diamond rings.


Times change and with them trends and traditions. For a long time, wedding rings, especially engagement rings for men, were non-existent. Tradition has it that a man offers his future wife an engagement ring when he proposes to her. But now, with changing attitudes and women becoming increasingly bold, it is not unusual for a woman to surprise her lover with a marriage proposal, a beautiful box containing an engagement ring in hand. Even though the choice of engagement rings for men is shy compared to the vast field intended for women, the option of custom-made rings solves everything.


Unlike the engagement ring, the wedding ring for men has always existed. Now it's not about giving, it's about exchanging. For a long time, the men's wedding band was a simple gold or platinum ring, but nowadays men are becoming more and more demanding and want their share of shine and originality. For this, French jewelry wants to satisfy him and designs for him. luxury men's wedding ring models. Whether in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum studded with diamonds to your heart's content, a man can shine every day with a wedding ring that will forever mark the exciting moments he experiences with his sweetheart since she slipped that ring on his finger.


The multitude of choices and models of wedding rings available on the market is justified by the diversity of tastes and demands of customers. Each person is unique and each couple is unique. It is the couples who want to identify themselves at the deepest level of their souls who, generally, would want couple wedding rings to add a touch of uniqueness to their union.

This type of rings is available at Celinni. simple wedding rings for couple or set with diamonds, Celinni caters to all your tastes. Very interesting options allow you to create duo wedding rings Originals, firstly by personalizing existing models by engraving your names or a quote or your wedding date on them, this option, as a reminder, is free. Or by having our dedicated diamond cutters create your own wedding rings entirely.
We guarantee you an optimal result no matter what your choice is.


Wedding rings are pieces of jewelry that are supposed to last an eternity, they mark a lifetime, and as such, their choice should not be taken lightly or left until the last minute to pick the first ones that catch our eye. The choice should be thoughtful and well-studied. Here are some criteria to consider.

  • the durability and longevity of your jewelry: a beautiful and solid ring should be designed with top quality gold, ideally 18 carat or platinum.
  • the color of gold: in addition to the timeless yellow color of gold, a gold wedding ring in another color can enhance your beauty, such as rose gold or the magnificent white gold. The choice of gold color depends on personal taste, skin color, and current trends. However, the choice of a white gold wedding ring is irreversible.
  • the style of the rings: do you like total simplicity, meaning rings without diamonds? Or do you prefer to pair luxury and simplicity? Or perhaps you are fans of flashy large stones? Consider your preferences and then make your choice.
  • for some diamond wedding rings, The shape, weight, color, and setting of the diamonds are very important. Everything must be taken into consideration for a successful choice.

Rest assured, nothing is complicated, the wedding ring experts at Celinni are waiting for you to guide you in the choice of your wedding rings. Trust them, they master their profession perfectly.


Traditionally, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This tradition, which is both mythical and religious, has its roots from different sources. Firstly, the ancient Egyptians believed that a vein called the "Vena Amoris", or vein of love, stretched from the left ring finger to the heart, which gave them the idea of placing an object that would soak up these perpetual vibrations and continually remind of the sacred bond that ties two people together for life. And what better than a precious ring, especially when it is adorned with a divine stone like a diamond.

On the other hand, among Christians, the priest, to bless the married couple, touches their first three fingers of the left hand, moving from the thumb while uttering the three pillars of the religion, namely the father, the son, and the holy spirit. Then, reaching the fourth finger, which is the ring finger, the wedding rings are placed to seal this union forever.
But a custom is not an exact science, in some countries like Russia or Germany, wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger.


Everything will depend on the chosen metal, the model, and the width of your wedding ring. The price in gold is usually from 150 euros and 250 euros in platinum.

The price of gold has doubled over the past two years, which has increased the price of wedding rings. We are doing our utmost to minimize the impact on the final price to preserve your purchasing power.


There are many reasons why you should buy your wedding rings from Celinni.

  • multiple choice: more than 500 models of gold, platinum or diamond wedding rings are available at Celinni;
  • custom creation: from a photo, an idea, or a drawing, your model will be made to perfection;
  • competitive prices without intermediate margin
  • graduated and experienced diamond dealers;
  • Quality jewelry: 100% made in France;
  • free engraving;
  • possibility to immortalize the choice of your wedding rings in our photo studio;
  • diamonds harvested at the source, certified directly from international diamond exchanges;
  • the widest and cheapest diamond offer on the market;
  • A warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

We await you, do us the honor of your visit and allow us to be part of your life story. men's and women's wedding rings are available on our website or in our stores, come and discover them.

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