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Antwerp Jewelry


Address: Hovenierstraat 30 2018 Antwerp, Belgium, Metro L. 2, 6, 9, 15, stop Antwerpen Diamant Metro

Ideally located in the Antwerpen Diamond Club building (Diamond Exchange), the Antwerp jewelry store of Maison Celinni is at the very heart of the certified diamond trade. On site, our Antwerp diamond jeweler welcomes you and presents the entire range of Celinni jewelry and diamonds, by appointment only.
Come and try on your future piece of jewelry from our collections or have it custom made, maintain your jewelry every 18 months, or have your diamond solitaire or wedding rings resized.

Our showroom is open by appointment:

From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

After-Sales Service:

From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

Telephone hotline:

7/7 from 7:00 to 21:00
au +33 6 19 61 07 03


Email: [email protected]


In your jewelry, fine jewelry, diamond dealer space in Antwerp, you will be able to

Imagine an engagement ring and a wedding band in natural diamonds.
Create custom natural diamond jewelry
Buy a natural diamond with a GIA certificate
Buy precious stones and fine gems
Perform maintenance on your jewelry offered every 18 months
Redesign the design of your jewelry
Request a free and confidential estimate of all your jewelry.
Engrave your jewelry

Why choose Celinni ANVERS JEWELRY?

We are the only intermediary between the source and you.

- Your satisfaction is our top priority.
- We have been guaranteeing you the most attractive prices on our natural diamonds and precious gems for over 16 years.
Compared to other brands, we guarantee you the fairest prices on the market.

- Transparency and responsibility are our most important values.

Diamond Manager of the House in Antwerp

Contact Grégoire Carvalho (diamond chief)

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +33 6 19 61 07 03


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Jewelry and jewelry making

Creation of engagement rings and wedding bands with natural diamonds in Antwerp

With expertise passed down from father to son for 6 generations, Maison Celinni Diamant offers a selection of diamond or precious stone jewelry directly from the manufacturer. Our jewelry is made in the purest tradition of Parisian jewelry.
Strategically located in the heart of the diamond capital, your Celinni jewelry store in Antwerp welcomes you in the intimacy of its private lounge to accompany you in all the magical moments of your life.
From your engagement ring to the choice of your wedding bands, through a selection of gifts, come and discover in our Antwerp jewelry store, all the collections of Maison Celinni, our wide range of diamond solitaires, our wedding bands, or take advantage of the unique experience offered by our Antwerp custom jewelry creation workshop.
Our collection of engagement rings and ofdiamond rings is entirely made by workers supervised by OJ4 jewelers (highly skilled workers) who guarantee jewelry creations of quality comparable to those sold in Place Vendôme in Paris.
Our collections also include bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and jewelry rings.

Antwerp diamond engagement ring and wedding bands

Custom diamond jewelry design in Antwerp

You are considering creating your own custom ring ?
Meet us at our jewelry store in Antwerp to experience creating your own piece of jewelry.

Do you have an idea? Come with a drawing to create the unique piece of jewelry of your dreams. Regarding the price of custom-made: we offer it at a low price, calculated as fairly as possible.
Our diamond experts guide you from the idea of your jewelry to its final realization thanks to the various talents of the Celinni House.

custom jewelry and rings

Diamond dealer for 6 generations in Antwerp

Sale of natural diamonds with certificates

The Celinni House caters to all desires for luxury and rarity. From 0.02 to 17 carats, Celinni diamonds can be viewed thanks to the simplified platform on the website that allows you to choose the shape, weight, purity, and color.
Celinni Diamond has over 100,000 diamonds in Paris, Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong. The diamond dealers at Maison Celinni are informed in real time about the availability of diamonds in stock. This vast selection allows us to offer the widest and cheapest range of diamonds on the market.

Buy a certified diamond, and get assistance from our experts by requesting a diamond quote customized.
You can also consult our stock of certified diamonds online.

vente diamants naturels anvers

Importer of precious stones

Sale of precious stones and fine stones

Our jewelry store in Antwerp orders precious and fine stones directly from the main producing countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, or Thailand. You need a birthstone or a precious gemstone like emerald, ruby or sapphire? Our team of experienced gemologists offers you a selection directly from the source.
You can buy a single stone or have it set on the jewelry of your choice from the Celinni jewelry collections.
The craftsmen from the Celinni custom-made workshop guide you through each step of the creation process.

>> See our selection of precious and fine stones directly online
>> Ask for a quote for a gem with the help of a member of our team in Antwerp

sapphires rubies emeralds Antwerp

Parisian workshop on site in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris

Jewelry repair and transformation

In our Antwerp jewelry store, everything is possible with existing jewelry. We control the entire production chain, from the sketch, through the casting of the mount, the setting, and up to the finished piece of jewelry.
We offer a completely personalized jewelry service:
- Transformation and evolution of jewelry from your existing jewelry
- Work on your old jewelry
- Polishing and rhodium plating of jewelry in Antwerp
- Complete renovation of your jewelry
- Resizing of all styles of jewelry
- Set with natural diamonds and precious gems on original jewelry
- Adding natural diamonds to antique rings

>> Learn more about our workshop custom-made jewelry production

jewelry workshop in Antwerp

Jewelry engraving in Antwerp

Your Celinni diamond dealer also does the engraving of your jewelry.
In our jewelry store in Antwerp you can:
- Engrave a Celinni jewel, free for a first engraving in Roman calligraphy.
- Engrave an old piece of jewelry that belongs to you
Our engraving workshop is located near our headquarters in Paris, which allows us to reduce the average engraving time on jewelry to less than a week, depending on the current workload.
Also choose the font and language of your choice, and add, if you wish, special characters such as hearts or the infinity symbol for example.

>> Learn more about our service of engraving on jewelry

engraving ring Antwerp

Cleaning and minor repair of jewelry

In our Antwerp jewelry store, our equipment allows us to refurbish all types of jewelry. We accept Celinni jewelry, as well as antique jewelry.
The jewelry from Maison Celinni is always guaranteed for life, provided that it is maintained every 18 months at Celinni. We can refurbish them to look as good as new.

We offer polishing, rhodium plating, ultrasonic cleaning, and minor repairs on your antique jewelry:
- replacement of clasps on your earrings
- small laser welds on your jewelry
- repair or replacement of carabiners for gold chain
- control and verification of the setting of your diamonds and precious gems
- change of the color of your jewelry setting
- very small jewelry repair work in Antwerp not listed above

jewelry refurbishment

Expertise and evaluation

Free and confidential appraisal of your jewelry in Antwerp

In our Antwerp jewelry store, we estimate the value of your jewelry for insurance, resale, or inheritance purposes.
Discover the checkpoints studied during an estimation:
- The setting of the jewel: gold, platinum, silver or other alloy.
- Natural diamonds or unset on the jewelry: paving stones or central diamond
- The gemstones potentially mounted on the jewelry: sapphires, rubies, emeralds or other precious stones.
Make an appointment with our expertise at +32 3 30 20 778 to get your free and confidential estimate for any type of jewelry.
Our oral appraisals are offered for up to 10 pieces of jewelry. For any appraisal validated by insurance, provided on an official document, contact us to know the rates.

jewelry expertise and appraisal Antwerp


Antwerp diamond dealer


Always passionate about the world of Jewelry, Grégoire Carvalho studied at the Higher Institute of Luxury Marketing, Cartier Chair. After completing his training, he directly joined the teams at Maison Celinni and is proud to put his technical expertise at the service of his clients.
His constant pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction makes him a valuable advisor during the realization of your project.

Areas of expertise of Grégoire

Polished diamond expertise     
Jewelry appraisal ⭐    ⭐  
GIA Certification ⭐    
Jewelry Modeling     
International trade     

Contact Grégoire Carvalho directly by email: [email protected]

or by phone: +33 6 19 61 07 03

Where can I find your jewelry store in Antwerp?

House CELINNI - Hovenierstraat 30 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Close to the Antwerp diamond exchange, and the Antwerp Zoo.

Metro access: Antwerp Diamond Metro L. 2, 6, 9, 15