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Casablanca Jewelry


Address: El Maarif, 10 Mutualité Street, Casablanca 20250 Morocco

Our diamond pharmacy in Casablanca, Morocco is located a few streets away from the famous Iris Clinic, in the most sought-after neighborhood of the city; the Racine district.
It is within this comfortable private showroom that our diamond expert welcomes you and guides you to learn, understand and choose a diamond or a gem.
Choose your jewelry from our collections or have it custom made, maintain your jewelry every 18 months, or have your diamond solitaire or wedding rings resized.

Our showroom is open by appointment:

From Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 18:00
Saturday from 11:00 to 18:00

After-Sales Service:

From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

Telephone hotline:

7/7 from 7:00 to 21:00
au +212522949759


Email: [email protected] & [email protected]


In your jewelry, fine jewelry, diamond dealer space in Casablanca, you will be able to

​ ● Create an engagement ring and a wedding band with natural diamonds. Design and imagine custom-made natural diamond jewelry.
​ ● Buy a natural diamond with its GIA certificate
​ ● Buy precious stones and fine gems
​ ● Maintain and polish your jewelry for free every 18 months
​ ● Transform and redesign your jewelry
​ ● Receive a free and confidential estimate of all your jewelry.
​ ● Engrave your jewelry

Why choose Celinni CASABLANCA JEWELRY?

The only intermediary between the source and you: it's us.

- We place your satisfaction at the heart of your priorities.
- For over 16 years, we have been guaranteeing the fairest prices on our natural diamonds as well as on our precious gemstones.
Compared to other brands, we guarantee you the most competitive prices on the market.

- Transparency and accountability in the performance of our duties are our guiding principles.

Diamond managers of the House in Casablanca

How do we manage to offer you such attractive prices without compromising the quality of our products?

We go into more detail in our article on the benefits of, but to put it simply, it's thanks to our long-standing presence in the sector (since 6 generations, 1st French diamond dealer), our network of professionals in the diamond world (we list more than 100,000 diamonds), the method of manufacturing our jewelry: we work exclusively with workshops in Paris to limit costs and ensure optimal quality and French know-how, we limit intermediaries to ensure you a ring or a piece of jewelry of quality and at the best price. These advantages that we offer on the online jewelry store are also valid for our Celinni jewelry store in Casablanca.

Advantageous rates and services at Celinni! does not only offer attractive prices, we also offer many additional but essential services for our customers and your satisfaction.

Free delivery at home or abroad.
Express and secure delivery with insurance.
Payment in several installments without fees possible.
We certify all of our diamonds, and we will send you the GIA certificate for the diamonds present on your ring or jewelry.
30 days to change your mind.
The lifetime warranty of your diamond jewelry or ring
The creation of your "made in France" jewelry by French artisans.

Contact Ayda Ababou (diamond boss)

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +212 669-339711

Contact Soraya Faik (office manager)

[email protected]


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Jewelry and jewelry making

Creation of engagement rings and wedding bands with natural diamonds in Casablanca

Located in the heart of Casablanca, choose your jewel from our collections or have it custom made, maintain your jewelry every 18 months, or have your diamond solitaire or wedding rings resized.
Our collection of engagement rings and ofdiamond rings is made by workers supervised by OJ4 jewelers (highly skilled workers) who guarantee jewelry creations similar to those sold in Place Vendôme in Paris.
Our collections also include bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and jewelry rings.
If you wish create a custom diamond ring or jewelry, an exclusive and fully personalized jewel in CASABLANCA. Contact Celinni jewelry store in Casablanca, we can offer you our custom jewelry service.
Get in touch with the Celinni jewelry store in Casablanca to make an appointment. You will then meet a diamond dealer with whom you can discuss your project to create a custom diamond jewelry or ring.
In response to your expectations, needs, and budget, our diamond dealer will propose a 3D design that will be validated with you.
If this suits you, we send the 3D version of your custom ring or jewelry to our workshop in Paris, so that your dream can become a reality.
After being polished, set and checked by a diamond dealer in Paris, we will send your creation to your home or directly to our jewelry store in Casablanca so that you can discover your creation with your diamond dealer.

Engagement ring and diamond wedding bands Lyon

Custom diamond jewelry design in Casablanca

You dream of creating your own custom ring ?
Visit our jewelry store in Casablanca to experience creating your own piece of jewelry.
Do you have an idea or a design? Come and create the unique piece of jewelry of your dreams. Don't worry about the cost of customization: we offer it at a low price, carefully calculated to be fair.
Our diamond experts accompany you from the idea of your jewelry to its final realization thanks to the various talents of the Celinni House.

custom jewelry and rings

Diamond dealer for 6 generations in Casablanca

Sale of natural diamonds with certificates

Whatever your project, Maison Celinni meets all desires for luxury and rarity. From 0.02 to 17 carats, Celinni diamonds are accessible thanks to the simplified platform that allows you to choose the shape, weight, purity, and color.
Celinni Diamond collects over 100,000 physical diamonds in Paris, Antwerp, Bombay, Hong Kong. The expert diamond dealers at Maison Celinni are informed in real time about the stock movements of diamonds and their availability. This incomparable choice allows us to offer the widest and cheapest range of diamonds on the market.

Buy a certified diamond, and get assistance from our experts by requesting a diamond quote customized.
Check our stock of certified diamonds online.

natural diamonds sale Casablanca

Importer of precious stones

Sale of precious stones and fine stones

Our jewelry store in Casablanca imports precious and fine stones directly from the main producing countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Thailand.
You are looking for a birthstone or a precious gemstone like sapphire, ruby, emerald? Our team of experienced gemologists will offer you a selection directly from the source.
You can order a single stone or have it set on the jewelry of your choice from the Celinni Collections.
The craftsmen from the Celinni custom-made workshop accompany you at every step of the creation process.

>> See our selection of precious and fine stones directly online
>> Ask for a quote for a gem with the help of a member of our team in Casablanca

sapphires rubies emeralds Casablanca

Local Parisian workshop, in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris

Jewelry repair and transformation

In our Casablanca jewelry store, anything is possible with existing jewelry. We master the entire production chain, from design, through casting, to the finished piece of jewelry.
We offer a completely personalized jewelry service:
- Transformation and evolution of jewelry from your old jewelry
- Redesign of antique jewelry
- Polishing and rhodium plating of jewelry in Casablanca
- Complete redesign of your jewelry
- Sizing all your jewelry
- Set with natural diamonds and precious gems on unique pieces
- Adding natural diamonds to an antique ring

>> Learn more about our workshop custom-made jewelry production

Jewelry workshop in Casablanca

Jewelry engraving in Casablanca

Your diamond dealer Celinni also does engravings on jewelry.
In our jewelry store in Casablanca you can:
- Engrave a piece of jewelry from our collections, free of charge for the first engraving in Roman calligraphy.
- Engrave a piece of jewelry from your collection
Our workshop is located near our headquarters in Paris, which allows us to reduce the average engraving time on jewelry to less than a week depending on the current workload.
Also select the font and language of your choice, and add, if you wish, special characters such as hearts or the infinity symbol for example.

>> Learn more about our service of engraving on jewelry

engraving ring Casablanca

Cleaning and minor repair of jewelry

In our Casablanca jewelry store, our state-of-the-art machines allow for the refurbishment of all types of jewelry. We accept jewelry from Celinni collections, as well as antique jewelry.
The jewelry from Maison Celinni is systematically guaranteed for life, provided that it is serviced every 18 months at Celinni. We can restore them to their original condition.

We offer polishing, rhodium plating, ultrasonic cleaning, and minor repairs on your antique jewelry:
- changing the clasps on your earrings
- laser welding on your jewelry
- repair or modification of carabiners for gold chain
- Precise control and verification of the setting of your diamonds and precious gems
- changement de la couleur du métal de votre bijou
- very small jewelry repair work in Casablanca not listed above

jewelry refurbishment

Expertise and evaluation

Free and confidential appraisal of your jewelry in Casablanca

We accurately estimate for you in our Casa jewelry store your jewelry for insurance, resale or transmission.
Discover the different criteria to consider during an estimation:
- The metals of the jewelry setting: gold, platinum, silver or other alloy.
- Natural or not diamonds that are mounted on the jewelry: paving stones or central diamond.
- The gemstones potentially set on the jewelry: sapphires, rubies, emeralds or other precious stones.
Make an appointment with our expertise at +212 5229-49759 to get your free and private estimate for any type of jewelry.
Our verbal appraisals are free for up to 10 pieces of jewelry. For any appraisal approved by insurance, provided on an official document, please contact us to know the rates.

jewelry expertise and appraisal Casablanca


Imagine yourself sitting comfortably in your living room, in front of your screen shopping online and then you fall for a unique piece, the latest trend or classic with perfectly drawn lines, a gold or platinum jewel adorned with diamonds, refined, which represents you and for which you feel a real crush and with one click your dream comes true.

Your impatience will not last long, soon your jewel will be in your hands. Concerned about your well-being and ensuring your comfort, the Celinni diamond house takes care of the delivery of your jewel to your home in record time. You will receive your jewel in. diamond "Made in France" in Morocco, carefully packaged in its luxury case and packed with love. Each piece of jewelry is unique, possessing its own certificate proving its authenticity, mentioning the characteristics of its precious stones as a universal guarantee valid for any exchange or buyback.
Your Celinni diamond dealer travels to the following cities: Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat.

Celinni never ceases to innovate in its jewelry designs to always offer you the best with quality service. No need to travel to Paris to make your purchase. Now, Celinni makes it easier for you to acquire it thanks to its delivery service in Morocco, safely and discreetly, whether it is purchased by you or given by the person who loves you and expresses it in a small note accompanying this delicately filled jewel.

Celinni has a flexible after-sales policy and guarantees you a certified product at a fair price with impeccable quality service. From the moment your purchase is completed, you have 30 days to withdraw and request a refund in case of dissatisfaction. The main goal at Celinni is to ensure your long-term satisfaction with their unique diamonds and that your purchase brings you nothing but happiness.

Finally, the received jewel is in your possession, it belongs to you, whether it is synonymous with love or given to celebrate a significant event in your life or simply for pleasure. Its value is expensive, its rarity and the quality of its precious stones make it a charismatic jewel for you and one that needs to be taken care of.

It must be said that the diamond is noble, enjoys perfect brilliance, a hard and eternal mineral. To own it is an honor in itself, it is in this spirit that Celinni seeks to satisfy a wide and heterogeneous clientele with various tastes and different budgets, living in all corners of the world, by making available to them a diamond of unquestionable quality at the right price. You will find new items every week, jewelry inlaid with well-cut diamonds of excellent finish; delivered to your home discreetly. France, Europe or even Morocco, the diamond at Celinni has no territorial limit to find its admirer.

Click on the following link: Celinni Casablanca


diamond dealer-Casablanca


Ayda Ababou is an expert in Luxury Professions. A graduate of EFAP Paris in Luxury Strategies & Communication, she has taken a close interest in Gemology and Jewelry. With international experience ranging from Dubai to Miami via Paris, Ayda decided to return to Morocco, her home country, to work in a field she is so passionate about: Gemology and Jewelry. Following her training in this field, she joined Maison Celinni. Her great creativity and listening skills, combined with her technical skills, will be invaluable in helping you choose and create the jewelry of your dreams.

Ayda's Areas of Expertise

Polished diamond expertise     
Jewelry appraisal ⭐    ⭐  
GIA Certification ⭐    
Modélisation joaillerie     
International trade     

Contact Ayda Ababou directly by email: [email protected]

or by phone: +212 6693-39711

diamond dealer-bordeaux


Soraya Faik is an expert gemologist and jeweler. With experience in cinema and the arts, and following her training in gemology and jewelry, Soraya joined the Celinni House and the Casablanca jewelry store. Her great creativity and sensitivity to the artistic world, combined with her technical skills, will be invaluable in helping you choose and create the jewelry of your dreams.

Areas of expertise of Soraya

Polished diamond expertise     
Estimation of antique jewelry ⭐    ⭐  
GIA Certification ⭐    
Quality control     
International trade     

Contact Soraya Faik directly by email: [email protected]

Where can I find your jewelry store in Casablanca?

House CELINNI - El Maarif, 10 Mutualité Street, Casablanca 20250

All locations

Accès bus : L056 Normandy Stop 056 | L009E and 084, stop at Les Arènes