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Bijouterie Lille


Address: 40, Theatre Square 59800 Lille - Near Rihour Metro L.1

Are you looking for a jewelry store in Lille? A cheap jewelry store in Lille that offers the best value for money? Diamond jewelry in Lille at the best price? A custom-made piece of jewelry at the best price? With our Celinni jewelry store located at 4, Place du Théâtre, we can meet your expectations and needs in Lille, Roubaix, Arras... by offering you the best value for money.
Opened in 2020, the online jewelry store Celinni has a showroom in Lille and therefore a physical presence throughout the year in the north of France. Our goal with a jewelry store in Lille is to get closer to our customers in the northern region.
Ideally located in the heart of Old Lille, the Celinni jewelry store in Lille is housed in the Palais de la Bourse, emblematic of the history of commerce in Lille, next to the Belfry. Old Lille is today a central place for dining, fashion, luxury, major Houses and particularly jewelry. What was missing in this place was a diamond expert jeweler offering a real technical and price difference.
Our meeting will take place in this unique and historic location for a discreet and confidential moment, within our jewelry store in Lille.
Our showroom in Lille will allow you to discover our jewelry and diamonds at prices 40% to 60% cheaper compared to traditional jewelers in Lille, Roubaix or Arras. But as you will see in this article, we manage to offer you this price, without reducing its quality.

Our showroom is open by appointment:

From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00
Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 19:00

After-Sales Service:

From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00

Telephone hotline:

7/7 from 7:00 to 21:00
au +33 3 74 09 10 29


Email: [email protected]


Come meet us in our showroom in Lille

With our jewelry store in Lille, you will have the opportunity to meet us in person and discuss with our experts about your future diamond purchase projects, diamond jewelry, or even in the custom creation of your ring or jewelry.

Actu.fr has also mentioned us when we opened our showroom in Lille. We organized an "astonishing" operation in partnership with Lovster café. The 50th customer of the café was able to benefit from a diamond worth 500 euros hidden in their sandwich. You can read the article here: Actu.fr Article


​ ● Create diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding bands

​ ● Design custom diamond jewelry

​ ● Buy GIA certified natural diamonds

​ ● Buy fine stones and precious gems

​ ● Maintain and clean jewelry for free every 18 months

​ ● Transform and repair your jewelry

​ ● Estimate your jewelry for free and in complete confidentiality

​ ● Engrave your jewelry

Why choose Celinni Lille jewelry?

We work only without intermediaries, directly with the source.

- Our only goal: your satisfaction.
- For over 16 years, we have guaranteed the most reasonable prices on our range of natural diamonds, as well as our precious stones, compared to other houses.

- Transparency and accountability in the performance of our duties are our guiding principles.

Diamond Manager of the Celinni House in Lille

Contact Grégoire Carvalho (diamond chief)

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +33 6 19 61 07 03


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Advantageous rates, but also services

Celinni is not just an online jewelry store offering very attractive prices, it also provides numerous services for our customers.

Delivery of your order at home or abroad
Free delivery
Express delivery with insurance
Payment in several installments without fees possible
The certification of our diamonds, with the sending of the GIA certificate of the diamonds present on your ring or jewelry.
30 days to change your mind
The lifetime warranty of your diamond jewelry or ring
The creation of your jewelry by French craftsmen

Jewelry and jewelry making

Create your engagement ring and wedding band with natural diamonds in Lille

Proud of a family heritage passed down from father to son for 6 generations, Maison Celinni offers you a sharp selection of diamond or precious stone jewelry directly from the manufacturer.
All our pieces are made to order in the purest Parisian jewelry tradition.

All our pieces, since
engagement rings until the diamond rings are made by OJ4 jewelers (highly skilled craftsmen), which guarantees that our jewelry is of the same quality level as those found in Place Vendôme in Paris.
Discover in our collections bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and jewelry rings.

Engagement ring and diamond wedding bands Lille

Designing custom natural diamond jewelry in Lille

If you wish create a custom diamond ringFor a unique and completely personalized piece of jewelry in Lille, Roubaix, Arras or Cambrai, contact Celinni Jewelry in Lille. We can offer you our custom jewelry service thanks to our Parisian manufacturing workshops.
How to do it? It's very simple, get in touch with the Celinni jewelry store in Lille and make an appointment to fulfill your dream and have a unique experience.

You will meet a diamond dealer with whom you can discuss your project to create a custom diamond jewelry or ring. An idea, a sketch, a photo, any medium is enough to create the unique piece of jewelry of your dreams. By adapting to your expectations, your needs and your budget, our diamond dealer will offer you a 3D design that will be validated by you.

Don't worry about the prices of custom-made items, they are always measured and calculated as fairly as possible. If this suits you, we send the 3D version of your ring or custom-made jewelry to our Parisian workshop so that your dream can become a reality. After being polished, set and checked, we will send your creation to your home or directly to our jewelry store in Lyon so that you can discover your creation with our diamond dealer.

Our support is comprehensive, from the idea of the jewel to its final design, thanks to all the trades of the Celinni House: diamond dealers and craftsmen work together to make your dreams come true.

In conclusion, the Celinni jewelry store in Lille offers you the opportunity to have the same services and prices as on our online jewelry store, with the added possibility of meeting us in our showroom. So if you wish to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us at

custom jewelry and rings in Lille

A showroom in Lille, but also an online jewelry store

As of today, Celinni is physically present on Paris, Nice, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, Antwerp, Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca, Anglet and Lausanne (Switzerland)
But we are primarily one of the first online jewelers since 2008 in France. With the establishment of an online jewelry store, we offer the opportunity for all our customers to acquire the jewel or ring of their dreams at the best price and with express and secure home delivery.
No need to go or move to different jewelry stores in Lille, Roubaix, Arras or Cambrai to find the wedding ring, the ring, the necklace, the diamond bracelet... to compare the prices of different jewelry stores in the Nord region or even to find the jeweler who offers the best quality/price ratio.
With our online jewelry store, you can discover with a simple click on our website www.celinni.com, all of our wedding rings, bands, solitaires, engagement rings, bracelets, diamond rivers, earrings, necklaces or diamond pendants.
You can customize or configure your jewelry and know the price instantly, no unpleasant surprises!
Check out our products and at the same time the prices we offer.
Diamond engagement rings
Diamond solitaire with shoulders - Diamond engagement rings
Platinum and diamond alliance or gold and diamond alliance
Rings - Women's Half-Eternity Diamond Ring
Diamond wedding rings - Full Diamond Tour
Diamond Wedding Rings - Precious Stone Wedding Bands
Promise Ring with 5 Diamonds ®
Diamond Bracelets and Rivers
Diamond Earrings
High Jewelry Gold, Platinum and Diamond Ring
Diamond Necklaces & Pendants
Searching for certified diamonds™
Calibrated Diamonds for Paving


With Celinni, you are assured of getting the best quality/price ratio, we can offer you very advantageous rates without compromising on quality, how do we do it?
As we saw in our previous article about the advantages of our online jewelry store compared to the jewelry stores in your city, it is thanks to our experience (since 6 generations, the first French diamond dealer), our network in the diamond world, the organization of our manufacturing process (working with Parisian workshops to limit costs and promote proximity) and by limiting intermediaries that we are able to offer you quality at the best price, such as for example some cheap diamond rings.

Diamond dealers from generation to generation in Lille

Buy a natural diamond with certificate

Whether it's a single diamond or a set diamond, Maison Celinni is committed to fulfilling all desires for luxury and rarity. Diamond solitaires, diamond wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and pendants, diamond bracelets... from 0.02 to 17 carats, all visitors can choose their ideal diamond online thanks to the simplified diamond search platform, which classifies gems according to shape, weight, purity, and color.
The Celinni Diamond House brings together more than 100,000 physical diamonds from around the world, on the diamond exchanges of Paris, Antwerp, Hong Kong, and Bombay. A cutting-edge system alerts the House's diamond dealers as soon as a stone becomes available. This incredible selection allows us to offer the most extensive and attractive diamond range on the market.
Our diamond technicians offer our customers certified diamonds directly from international diamond exchanges, which is an absolute assurance.
Get assistance from our experts by requesting a diamond quote customized, to choose and buy a certified diamond, or check out our stock of certified diamonds directly online

natural diamonds sale Lille

Importer of precious stones

Buy precious gems and fine stones

The Celinni Diamond House in Lille imports precious and fine gems directly from the main producing areas, such as Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Brazil, Tanzania, Colombia, and Thailand.
You are looking for a birthstone ? A precious stone, like a ruby, an emerald, or a sapphire? All our gemologists are at your disposal to offer you a selection directly from the source.
Our craftsmen and our custom-made workshop accompany you through all the stages of designing your bijou.Procurez a single stone, or have it set on any type of jewelry from the Celinni collection.
Our craftsmen and our custom-made workshop accompany you through all the stages of designing your jewelry.

>> Discover our selection of precious and fine stones online.
>> Contact our diamond dealers in Lille and get a quote for a gem.

sapphires rubies emeralds Lille

Local Parisian workshop, in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris

Have your jewelry repaired and transformed

The Celinni Diamond House offers you an infinite number of possibilities for modifications and evolutions on your existing jewelry. From the sketch to the finished jewel, through casting and setting, we master the entire manufacturing chain.
Our jewelry service is personalized:
- Transforming jewelry from your old jewels
- Modification of your antique jewelry
- Transformation of your family jewelry
- Rhodium plating and polishing of jewelry in Lille
- Refurbishment of your jewelry in Lille
- Sizing of all types of jewelry
- Mounting of diamonds and precious stones on original pieces
- Adding diamonds to a ring you own

>> Discover our workshop of custom-made jewelry production

jewelry workshop in Lille

Get your jewelry engraved in Lille

The diamond dealers at Maison Celinni offer jewelry engraving.
In our jewelry store in Lille, you can enjoy:
- The engraving on a piece of jewelry purchased from the Celinni collections. This service is offered free of charge for the first engraving in Roman calligraphy.
- Engraving on a piece of jewelry that you own. The engraving workshop is located near our headquarters in Paris, the average time for jewelry engraving is less than a week, depending on the current workload.
- Feel free to choose the font and language you desire, or even add special characters, such as hearts or symbols, like the infinity sign for example.

>> Learn more about our service of engraving on jewelry

engraving ring Lille

Have your jewelry cleaned and repaired in Lille

The jewelry store in Lille has state-of-the-art equipment to repair all types of jewelry.
Jewelry from the Celinni collections, and your family jewelry can be refurbished in our workshops.
Celinni jewelry is guaranteed for life, provided it is maintained according to the protocol, every 18 months in our workshops. We carry out a complete refurbishment, as if they were coming out of the workshop for the very first time.
We also work on your antique jewelry, on which we perform all the classic maintenance:
- Polishing, rhodium plating, ultrasonic bath & small repairs
- Replacement of clasps for earrings
- Small laser welds
- Repair or replacement of carabiner for gold chain
- Checking the setting of your diamonds and precious gems
- Changing the color of the metal on your frame
- Very small jewelry repair in Lille

jewelry refurbishment in Lille

Expertise and evaluation

Free and confidential estimate of your jewelry in Lille

Our certified diamond experts estimate and evaluate your jewelry in our jewelry store in Lille, for insurance, resale or inheritance purposes.
The estimation of an antique jewel takes into account different criteria:
- The materials that make up the jewelry setting: gold, platinum, silver, or any other alloy.
- The diamonds set on the mount: paving stones or central diamond.
- The precious gems potentially present on the jewelry: rubies, sapphires, emeralds or other precious stones.
Contact us at, and make an appointment with our expertise service to get a free and confidential estimate of any type of jewelry.
Oral appraisals by our diamond experts are offered for up to 10 pieces of jewelry. For any official appraisal, approved by insurance companies, please contact us to know the rates.

jewelry expertise and valuation Lille


diamond dealer Lille


Always passionate about the world of Jewelry, Grégoire Carvalho studied at the Higher Institute of Luxury Marketing, Cartier Chair. After completing his training, he directly joined the teams at Maison Celinni and is proud to put his technical expertise at the service of his clients.
His constant pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction make him a valuable advisor during the realization of your project.

Areas of expertise of Grégoire

Polished diamond expertise     
Jewelry appraisal ⭐    ⭐  
GIA Certification ⭐    
Jewelry Modeling     
International trade     

Contact Grégoire Carvalho directly by email: [email protected]

or by phone: +33 6 19 61 07 03

Where can I find your jewelry store in Lille?

Near the Old Stock Exchange of Lille

All locations

Metro access: Rihour - L1

Car access: You can park near the jewelry store in Lille, at the Indigo Lille Grand Place public parking, 33 Pl. du Général de Gaulle, 59000 Lille, or at the Rihour parking, Pl. Rihour, 59800 Lille..