Choosing the perfect diamond to celebrate wedding anniversaries

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On these anniversaries, you can make a mark by offering a diamond to your other half. Discover our tips for choosing the perfect diamond jewelry!

A diamond jewel, proof of pure love

The diamond is a very precious and rare stone, like the love that unites a couple. To show your love and echo your union symbolized by your marriage, you can give a diamond jewel to your partner. One of the meanings of this precious stone is pure love that is expressed and translated into a promesse of commitment.

This stone is pure, as love is too. To celebrate your wedding anniversary and remind your wife that your love is eternal, you can choose a diamond jewel. Thus, you will remind her that your union is sealed and that your feelings are unwavering.

What type of diamond jewelry to choose?

There are different types of jewelry that also have different symbolism. Among the gifts you could give to your wife to celebrate your wedding anniversary, you have the choice between the following jewelry:

Depending on your wife's preferences, you can choose the piece of jewelry that she will like the most. You can also make this choice based on the anniversary to celebrate, because some jewelry has a stronger meaning than others and can therefore be more appropriate in certain situations. Or, you have the option to choose the model that you find the most beautiful among those offered by the Celinni.

Bracelets, a symbol of love and sharing

Giving a diamond bracelet is a proof of sincere love and special attention. They can be given to a woman as well as to a man thanks to the different jewelry available on our site. The bracelet is an accessory that can be worn permanently. That's why, by offering a diamond jewel of this type, your partner will always carry you on their wrist.

They will allow the person giving this gift to show the love that she feels for the other, especially in a moment like a wedding anniversary. Both discreet and elegant, the bracelet has everything to please and it is also a safe bet that will please your other half.

The symbol of this type of jewelry is of course the tenderness to which can be added the feeling of support that is implicitly added to the bracelet, when it is given. You can therefore choose from the different bracelets available on our site. Celinni offers a wide variety of models with different diamond sizes and varied colors.

A necklace or a pendant to mark the occasion

Another idea for jewelry that you can give to celebrate a wedding anniversary is the necklace. Often, a necklace is considered a more intimate piece of jewelry with a connotation that recalls protection within the couple. The pendant of the necklace also brings a more symbolic dimension to the jewelry, especially according to its shape and size which can be more or less large.

Thus, one can discern a kind of recognition towards the other when offering a necklace to their partner. The choice of this can be made based on the pendant that is suspended from the necklace and the meaning it has. For example, on our site, you will find pendants named "mon amour", "princess", "pema diamond" as well as other jewelry models.

To make your wedding anniversary sublime, opt for a ring.

To echo the wedding ring you gave to your wife, you can repeat this gift by offering her a new one. It's a gift that will undoubtedly remind her of wonderful memories from your wedding, and therefore an excellent gift to mark this date.

The diamonds on the rings offered by Celinni will embellish your wife's hand and make her feel like a young bride again. You will create a certain nostalgia with this ring that will remind both you and your wife of the wonderful memories you have created since your union was sealed.

Moreover, the ring is the most worn piece of jewelry by women, and when it is made of diamonds, it only makes one want to wear it every day. In addition to being of great rarity, the diamonds will give your wife the feeling of being divine, although she already is!

More discreet, but just as elegant, the diamond earrings

If your wife loves earrings more than any other jewelry, then those offered by Maison Cellini are sure to please her! Adorned with a diamond and an 18-carat gold setting, these earrings will never leave your wife's ears. In addition to this, giving this jewelry has a particularly interesting meaning, as they reflect a woman's delicacy as well as the love you have for her.

Moreover, these jewels are very elegant and bring sensuality as well since the jewelry is worn close to the face. Beyond being an accessory, earrings in Ancient Greece, are known to act as a protective talisman. You are in a way protecting your beloved by giving her this gift of great value.

A personalized jewel thanks to engravings

If you wish to create a unique piece of jewelry, you can do so thanks to our custom-made workshop which allows you to choose all the elements that will make up your final piece of jewelry. For example, you can choose a ring and the diamond that will be on it. All the steps of this customization are done with an expert who can advise you on the specifics of each diamond or the ideal setting to choose.

To celebrate a wedding anniversary, adding a engraving is more than relevant because you can add something very personal making this jewelry and this gift even more unique. For example, the engraving could be a date, or the vows you made at your wedding ceremony. However, it could also be more original, like a nickname, or a phrase you usually say to each other, written in a coded language, like Morse code.

The choice of engraving is up to you, but we advise you to mark something important, which will make this gift even more exceptional, just like the love that exists between you and your partner. A wedding anniversary should be celebrated as it should be, because the union of two people is perhaps one of the most beautiful things that can happen in a life.

In any case, all the diamond jewelry offered by Maison Cellini will delight your husband or wife. Giving a gift like this is a real proof of love, and the meaning of jewelry has one thing in common: they show the love you have for the one who will receive it.

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