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Diamond wedding jewelry: elegance and harmony

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Your wedding is approaching and you want to enhance your beautiful dress with a diamond set? At Celinni, we understand the importance that every woman places on her jewelry, especially on this very special day. We therefore offer you different sets, so that you can easily find the one that matches your tastes and your wedding outfit. Discover all our tips and tricks to choose your set and be the most remarkable of brides!

The diamond wedding jewelry, to enhance your outfit

As a refined woman, do you love beautiful jewelry and diamonds ? So do we, and that's why we offer you different sets with unique styles, to suit the person you are. Whether you are more attracted to geometric, floral or simpler shapes, you will find your happiness in our sets of necklaces and earrings.

To dazzle your guests and shine on this day so precious to you, your appearance must be impeccable, whether it's the dress, shoes, makeup, hairstyle, accessories and jewelry. Among this long list of preparations, jewelry may not seem to be the centerpiece, yet they play a crucial role in your final reflection. Indeed, jewelry helps to unify all the different pieces and brings perfect harmony to your entire outfit.

Beyond choosing your set correctly based on several criteria, it is essential to know the main rules regarding the jewelry to wear for your ceremony day. Even though every bride has total freedom to match her outfit with her various ornaments, there are tips and very useful advice when in doubt about her jewelry selection.

When you want to carefully and confidently choose the set of your dreams, you may hesitate between several models. If this is the case, we share with you essential characteristics to take into account before making the decisive selection of your jewelry.

Dress your neck according to your outfit

The first key piece of advice to know when you are getting married is that the dress largely defines the choice of other items or the overall beautification. As the main element of the bride's appearance, the dress impacts the style and it is often this garment that is chosen first during the wedding preparation.

Once the dress is selected, it is possible to look at different necklaces to find the one you prefer.

A thin and discreet necklace for a very detailed dress

If you are wearing a rather imposing dress with multiple details, it is better to opt for a rather thin and refined necklace. This will bring elegance to your entire outfit while remaining quite light.

Indeed, a thick necklace with a lot of trimmings may give too much visual information about your overall appearance. By turning to neat and geometric models, like the Eternity diamond necklace, this will perfectly match a voluminous dress adorned with various ornaments.

A statement necklace for a simple dress

Conversely, if you opt for a rather sober and discreet dress, you have the possibility to turn to majestic jewelry thanks to the presence of diamonds as brilliant as they are precious. By choosing a grandiose necklace with multiple diamonds, it will highlight your bust and bring out the beauty of your face.

Celinni, for example, offers the Triomphe diamond necklace which combines round diamonds and pear-shaped diamonds to create a piece of jewelry as luxurious as it is refined. Moreover, this type of jewelry works with many dresses, regardless of the neckline you have chosen. If you are looking for a similar model, but a little more discreet, the Vendôme model will bring the brilliance and elegance of a chic bride.

The hairstyle determines the style of the earrings.

An additional element to the necklace in wedding sets, earrings come in many shapes, colors and aesthetics. For a successful choice, we advise you to select them according to the type of hairstyle you will wear on your wedding day.

As a bride, some hairstyles are a must for the most beautiful day of your life, including low buns, crowns and braids. These hairstyles are very neat and coquettish, while giving the opportunity to embellish them with pearls, rhinestones or flowers or hair jewelry, depending on the theme of the wedding.

Beyond being very aesthetic, these hairstyles also favor the wearing of dangling earrings, the essentials of a classic and chic beauty enhancement. However, like necklaces, earring models vary to offer you a selection of diversified and elegant jewelry. In addition to diamond earrings EternityTriomphe and Vendôme, corresponding respectively to necklaces of the same name, Celinni offers you other types of jewelry.

The Anniversary diamond earrings are perfect for framing your face with delicacy and distinction. This very fine model is perfect for bringing structure to your head carriage while remaining discreet enough compared to your hairstyle. If you wish to wear a more imposing model, but light enough, the Queen model with pear-shaped diamonds matches simpler hairstyles while bringing a brilliant aspect to the set.

How to combine elegance and harmony in the choice of jewelry?

To ensure the successful selection of your jewelry set, we present our expert advice to assist you in your choice. Here are the ideas to respect so that your jewelry reflects the elegance and harmony of your outfit:

  • The color of the jewel
  • The quality of the jewel and the diamond
  • Sobriety in the number of jewelry

The color of the jewelry making up your beautiful set should obviously be the same, but you have a choice between different colors. Depending on the models, the colors offered are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Depending on the colors of your wedding ring and your dress, the necklace and earrings will match perfectly with the whole.

The quality of the jewelry and the diamond is really essential to make your set elegant and harmonious. By favoring quality materials, your jewelry will be shiny, resistant and durable. In addition, quality diamonds are natural, certified and engraved to ensure their compliance. 

Even if we want to look magnificent on our wedding day thanks to shiny and chic jewelry, we must not forget that elegance also consists of wearing few pieces of jewelry to properly highlight them. It is therefore not recommended to weigh down your outfit with too imposing elements on the arms like a watch or a thick bracelet. Prefer a rather thin and refined jewel, with floral or geometric models, according to your tastes.

At Celinni, we meet all these criteria by offering you quality, durable jewelry, with sparkling and certified diamonds to offer you a complete range of sets more beautiful than the others. All you have to do is discover our selection and carefully choose your jewelry for your wedding!

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