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Men's wedding rings: breaking stereotypes

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Forget the cliché of the simple gold or silver ring, Celinni offers unconventional wedding bands for men, for those who love change and originality. Whether you prefer colorful models, whimsical shapes or the addition of an extravagant engraving, discover our wide selection of wedding rings for men!

Original models of men's wedding bands

The wedding ring is the most important ring of our existence since it will accompany us for many years. Elle must therefore combine aesthetics and durability, thanks to a perfect finish and robust metals. This harmony is found in our range of men's wedding rings with unprecedented models.

Designer wedding bands for men in various colors

If you want to break away from traditional wedding rings, Celinni offers you completely atypical wedding rings. First, you must choose between various materials, gold and platinum. Platinum is the metal that is most resistant in the long term, even though gold is also robust.

The different colors, platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold help you choose a ring that is far from classic. You can also opt for a two-color ring, to bring originality to your jewel. Our Cirrus, Pemba and Moorea models are an excellent representation of the combination of two colors. Depending on your tastes, you can select a color more present on your jewel, in the form of a more or less thin border.

If you are a man who likes wedding rings with a surprising aesthetic, we offer rings combining the three colors, so yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold or platinum. These jewels represent a strong and non-conformist personality. For the shape, it should also highlight your tastes: three interlaced rings or a twist of three colors. Even though these are quite extravagant rings, they remain nonetheless superb and elegant.

The monochrome alliances with a unique finish

If the combination of several colors does not satisfy you, but you still want an atypical jewel, there are monochrome models that are far from being classic.

Modernity is notably found through chiseling and the addition of aesthetic details. The Marceau model, for example, is aimed at men who like a hammered finish on their jewel. You may also like wedding rings with an iridescent reflection, quite original, but quite discreet.

The presence of a particularity in the center of the wedding ring makes your wedding ring daring. If you like graphic shapes, a central net with square patterns represents your sense of detail in a delicate way. Chiseling can be done on half of the ring or on its entire surface. It is also possible to keep a simple ring and create chiseling on the edges of your wedding ring.

Adding a diamond or precious stone to your wedding ring

Like most other jewelry, wedding rings featuring a diamond or a gemstone are often reserved for women. Break out of the stereotypes by proudly displaying a sparkling wedding band thanks to the presence of a colored stone or a diamond.

Celinni rings adapt to everyone's taste by allowing you a great deal of freedom in choosing your colored wedding band. You can notably choose between:

  • diamonds and blue sapphires
  • black diamonds
  • red diamonds and rubies
  • green diamonds
  • pink sapphires
  • purple diamonds
  • tourmalines
  • chocolate diamonds
  • garnets
  • tsavorites

Men's wedding rings are usually simple and not very original, even though there are many precious stones to add color to your wedding ring. These stones and diamonds are not only reserved for women. The Celinni therefore offers men the choice of stone and color from a wide range of rings, to break away from the norm.

If you want a ring that remains understated despite its uniqueness, we recommend you turn to black colored jewelry. You can add black, blue or tsavorite diamonds to add or not add a touch of whimsy to your jewelry.

Opt for matching wedding bands for you and your other half.

If both you and your partner love extravagance, why not opt for matching wedding rings? This act will show that you are a united couple with similar tastes. All you have to do now is agree on the shape, metal, color, and details of your wedding rings.

By choosing a wedding ring similar to your other half's, you can either stick to a simple model or continue with originality. Beyond the flat ribbon ring which is quite classic, you can stay discreet with details while having a ring with eccentric edges thanks to fine chiseling.

On the other hand, if you are non-conformists, the different models we have previously mentioned can go along with those made for a woman. Whether you are more a fan of two or three color jewelry or shapes out of the ordinary, your future wife can choose a ring with the same aesthetic. The only difference between the rings of the same model is the width of the two pieces of jewelry since a woman's fingers are often much thinner.

If your wife loves flashy jewelry, why not opt for the Houseki and Krug wedding rings? A perfect combination of white gold and rose gold, these imposing rings seem to be the representation of the union between masculinity and femininity.

The presence of a diamond always adds elegance to a piece of jewelry, and even more so to a wedding ring. The couple that you form with your partner can therefore represent their love through a strong and elegant symbol. Pure and resistant, the diamond is like a marriage that we want to be authentic and eternal. The Celinni suggests two models: the Pure Dark Diamond wedding rings or Comtesse and San Remo. If the first rings are very elegant and sober, the second ones are more imposing and flashy with multiple finishes.

Combine whimsy and discretion thanks to engraving

If you want a ring that stands out for its uniqueness while maintaining a fairly sober aesthetic, we recommend betting on an unusual engraving. Indeed, most couples have their wedding date and/or their initials engraved, which has become quite usual.

As for unique engravings, many possibilities are available to you and the best idea will be the one that comes from you. However, if you lack inspiration, you can inscribe your partner's first name or the intimate nickname you give them. Your wedding date can be written in Roman numerals. Engraving a coded message is also an excellent alternative, so that your jewelry truly represents your complicity. Finally, inscribing a quote specific to your couple is a romantic idea, each having half of the sentence on their ring.

You now know the many possibilities for your wedding ring to be unique and personal. Find your happiness among many wedding rings thanks to bold choices and original models offered by the Celinni!

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