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Select a diamond engagement ring that stands the test of time

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The diamond is the ultimate stone of love. Symbolizing your union with your soulmate, diamonds have adorned engagement rings for years. However, depending on the style of your future spouse, it can be difficult to choose the right ring model. So that your beloved can wear her ring for many years, here are some tips to help you choose your jewel.

Some ideal models for engagements

By turning to the diamond, you are choosing a quality stone. Elegant and sophisticated, it can be found in various shapes and on several types of rings. Each model has exceptional qualities that will perfectly represent your love story. Although the solitaire is the most common model, it can still be thought of in an interesting way.

Eternal love with the loner

If your future wife likes discreet but symbolic jewelry, she will certainly be seduced by the solitaire. This single diamond placed in the center of the ring will illuminate her hand and symbolize the authenticity of your eternal feelings. It can be arranged on rings of different materials, including gold. So, if the chosen one of your heart prefers to opt for a simple jewel, you will fill her with happiness by betting on the solitaire.

Elegance with the paved solitaire

As touching as the classic solitaire, the paved solitaire is often accompanied by other small stones on the ring, such as gemstones or smaller diamonds.

This sophisticated and bright ring will perfectly complement a chic or professional outfit.

If your fiancée wears other jewelry or accessories, she will certainly appreciate this engagement ring model. The paved solitaire also symbolizes the pure and unique love that binds two lovers. It will also embody the enduring love that continues to evolve a relationship.

The surrounded loner

More elegant than a classic solitaire, the halo solitaire will highlight the chic side of an outfit. The central stone, as well as the ring, are both surrounded by small stones that will attract light to your future wife.

This jewel will be greatly appreciated by lovers of elegant accessories. Your central diamond will be especially highlighted with a platinum or white gold band, to blend in with the rest of the jewel. This style of ring will be perfect for elegant evenings.

The solitary shouldered

If your fiancé prefers original jewelry, elle will surely be attracted to a shoulder solitaire. The particularity of this jewel is that the central diamond is accompanied by less dense stones, placed around it.

In addition to proving your love, you will show your dear and tender, that elle is unique in your eyes. If it is towards this model that you wish to turn, you can opt for a platinum ring or even white gold. This ring will reflect the beauty and personality of your future wife.

Choose your diamond

In order to choose the diamond that suits you best, several criteria must be considered. To opt for the right stone, you must take into account the weight of your diamond, that is to say the carat, but also its size, its color and its purity. By knowing these four criteria, you will more easily know which jewel to choose.

Selecting a diamond based on its weight, its carats

The carat of a diamond is defined by its weight and dimensions. To determine the carat of a jewel, diamond dealers weigh it with an electronic scale. This step must be carried out rigorously as it is elle that will partly define the price of the ring, depending on the number of carats of your stone.

Thus, the more imposing your diamond is, the more carats it will have. If your future wife wants a discreet jewel, choose a ring with a one-carat diamond to fill her with happiness.

If you want a shoulder solitaire, several small diamonds will be more suitable, and more elegant, while two or even three carat diamonds will be more suitable for paved or surrounded solitaires.

You can therefore easily choose your stone according to your spouse's personality, but also according to the jewelry model.

The influence of the size and shape of the diamond

In addition to influencing the weight of your diamond, its size will be a decisive factor. The dimensions of the stone will have an influence on how the stone is traversed by light rays. The brilliance of the diamond will thus be defined according to its size.

This can give your stone a more or less atypical shape. Among the many existing ones, we find:

  • The oval size
  • Pear size
  • Heart size
  • The brilliant size
  • Emerald size

The appearance of your diamond is defined by the way your stone is cut. It is with this step that the brilliance and shape of your diamond will be defined. In case you opt for a jewel imagined by you, be careful not to choose a too imposing shape if your ring is already quite loaded and bright.

The different possible colors for your diamond

The color of diamonds is first analyzed according to a scale. Entitled "the international scale of colors", elle allows to define the transparency of a stone. Ranked D, the diamond, will be considered very sparkling.

If it is located at the level of "N-Z" on the scale, it is rather considered as yellowish. Obviously, the closer your diamond is to D, the more aesthetic its hue is.

For more originality, you can also opt for a colored diamond. Rarer than classic diamonds in a transparent hue, colored diamonds will allow you to highlight your passion with red, or the tenderness you feel for your wife with a pink colored diamond.

Which metal to choose to accompany your diamond?

To ensure that your fiancée will wear her engagement ring for many years, it is important to choose for her a metal that will remain elegant over time, and that matches her tastes. If you lack inspiration, we recommend gold or platinum. These two models will enhance your future wife's hand, and represent your unique relationship.

The most noble: gold

This noble material has adorned our jewelry for centuries. This prestigious material symbolizes purity, especially of your love. In addition to attracting light, a gold jewel can be worn for many years and will continue to highlight the diamond placed in its center.

Gold adapts to all personalities and all skin tones.

If your partner likes originality or wants to find a feminine touch on her jewelry, elle will undoubtedly be seduced by a rose gold ring.

White gold can also appeal to your future wife if she wants a jewel in light shades. Indeed, elle may appreciate a white gold ring, which will perfectly match the clarity of the stone you have chosen for her.

An excellent alternative: platinum

Often mistaken for white gold, platinum is not quite the same. More resistant than white gold, it will age perfectly over the years. So, if you want to opt for a white ring, which will accompany your diamond, platinum is an excellent solution, which your future wife can wear every day, with various outfits.

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