What is the symbolism and meaning of your precious stones?

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Gemstones have a symbolic meaning, but can also have virtues in everyday life. So, whether you want to give a gemstone to someone you care about, for example on a piece of jewelry, or you want to discover the gem with the ideal virtues, here is everything you need to know about the symbolism and meaning of some precious and semi-precious stones.

The diamond: the precious stone par excellence

Often, when we talk about stones, the first one that comes to mind is the diamond. And for good reason, it's a stone that symbolizes exception and refinement that is often found in jewelry. It's an extremely resistant stone that is therefore favored for jewelry that stands the test of time. Elle is one of the four precious stones, along with the emerald, sapphire, and ruby.

The meaning of the diamond

The diamond has many meanings, the main one being invincibility, strength. It is a majestic stone, which shows eternal love to the person, which will withstand the different stages of life, when elle is offered. The diamond is the stone of the month of April.

What virtues does the diamond possess?

The diamond is renowned for its unification of body and mind, which acts as a detoxifier of the body and what is harmful to it. Finally, it would also be an effective stone for regulating hormones and relieving pain during menstruation according to lithotherapy (non-conventional medicine on the benefits of stones).

The emerald: a refined gem

The emerald is a precious stone of a deep green hue, very renowned for its refinement and elegance. It is a less resistant stone than its sister precious stones, but it is still suitable for a jewel, provided that great care is taken.

The symbol of the emerald

The emerald is the stone that promises fidelity to the person to whom it is offered. It is also a stone that marks a renewal, a new stage in life. Elle is therefore very suitable for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. The emerald is the stone of the month of May.

What virtues for this stone?

In lithotherapy, the emerald is a stone that calls for calm, true love and inner happiness. But elle also has therapeutic virtues in case of eye problems.

The iconic blue stone: the sapphire

The blue precious stone that is sapphire is an iconic stone in the world of jewelry. Elle has been appreciated for decades.

What is the meaning of the sapphire?

A jewel set with a sapphire is evidence of exclusive love, reliable and sincere feelings. It is also a symbol of justice, truth and purity. For a wedding ring, it represents a stable, healthy, strong and lasting marriage. The sapphire is the stone of the month of September.

Sapphire in lithotherapy

The sapphire is recognized for its virtues of patience, but also of commitment and union within a couple. This gem promotes concentration, inspiration and helps to calm the mind and nerves.

The ruby: the last precious stone

The ruby is the last precious stone on this list. It is a stone with a sublime red hue, unique to this gem.

The ruby and its meanings

The ruby is the stone of a love that is passionate, fiery and intense. It is also the symbol of charity, loyalty, courage and happiness when worn. The ruby is the stone of the month of July.

The benefits of ruby

The ruby is recognized for its virtues of vitality and strength. This stone would also be a precious ally for health, as elle would help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol, and aid in the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Aquamarine: a highly appreciated semi-precious gemstone

We can also mention aquamarine, a semi-precious stone appreciated since Antiquity. Its pale blue color reminiscent of waves has made it a stone associated with the sea god Poseidon. Elle is considered a semi-precious stone, very resistant and which has made a place on many engagement rings.

The meaning of aquamarine

When you give or wear a piece of jewelry made with an aquamarine stone, it symbolizes love, loyalty, but also protection. It is a stone that is increasingly appreciated for its delicate blue color and charming meaning. Aquamarine is the stone of the month of March.

The virtues of this stone

For people who appreciate lithotherapy, aquamarine is a stone with exceptional virtues. Elle would bring joy and creativity, and would be able to bring soothing and inner peace by releasing buried emotions.

An elegant stone: discover the amethyst

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone, like aquamarine. Highly appreciated for its exceptional purple hue, amethyst is also delightful on a piece of jewelry.

The meaning of this violet gem

The amethyst is a sign of sincere and true love. Offered on a piece of jewelry, whether it's a pendant, earrings or a ring, it's a beautiful proof of love. The amethyst is the stone of the month of February.

Amethyst in lithotherapy

This stone has several properties. Elle offers relaxation and fullness to people prone to stress and anxiety. Elle is also said to have virtues against headaches and migraines or even burns.

Topaz: semi-precious stone with multiple shades

The last semi-precious stone on this list is topaz. A stone with coppery, pink, blue or even transparent hues, topaz naturally occurs in various colors.

The symbols of topaz

The topaz is a symbol of loyalty. However, depending on its color, topaz can have other meanings:

  • a copper or yellow topaz calls for the success of all its dreams
  • a pink topaz represents an honest love
  • a blue topaz calls for communication and a peaceful and serene relationship
  • A transparent topaz is a sign of open-mindedness and hope.

This stone can therefore be offered and worn for many occasions. Topaz is the stone of November.

The topaz and its virtues

In lithotherapy, topaz brings soothing, restful sleep and dynamism of body and mind. Elle would also promote metabolism and regulate the digestive system.

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