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Diamond sale: specialist in diamonds directly from Antwerp

The celinni With several generations of experience, we will be pleased to guide you in your diamond search.
The creator of Celinni is a member of the Antwerp exchanges and our purchasing department works on rough and polished diamonds, which allows us to offer you the best rates for the finest in the diamond world.

Why are we the cheapest ?

Our membership in the Rough Diamond Exchange (AK2090) allows us to buy our diamonds between 6 and 10% cheaper than our competitors. Furthermore, our pricing policy is Low Margins High Volumes in order to guarantee you the best market rates.
The sale of a diamond is a complex operation, as the diamond travels around the world from the moment it is extracted to when it is set on a ring.
Indeed, we use our expertise to find the best quality of rough diamonds and the best cutters to offer for sale diamonds classified as excellent with a fire that is hard to match.
The diamond selling process also becomes fun thanks to our Certified Diamond Search™ tool, which allows you to see in real time a stock of over 100,000 diamonds available in real time by producer.
If you are looking to buy paving diamonds, you will find all possible combinations on our diamond sales site: Calibrated Diamonds for Paving.
Finally, we specialize in the sale of diamonds for investment purposes.
We invite you to contact us at 01 42 80 27 36 and wish you an excellent diamond experience.

How does the sale of a diamond take place ?

We receive our esteemed clientele by appointment at one of our sales points for what we call a diamond consultation in order to offer you our best deal.
After explaining the fundamental basics of buying a diamond, we will offer you a gem that perfectly matches your specifications.
You will be able to view your stone with a 40x magnification in order to make your purchase with full awareness.

How can I be sure to make a secure diamond purchase ?

All our diamonds over 0.50 carat are certified by a trusted third party known as a gemology laboratory, which attests to the unique quality of each stone.
There are three recognized laboratories that are the GIA, HRD or IGI.
They allow you to confirm with accuracy the statements of a professional and to purchase your diamond with responsibility and transparency.

What is the experience of the Celinni ? ?

The founder and leader of the company Celinni, David SUSSMAN, is the 6th generation of a family of diamond merchants specialized in diamond sales. He has been operating in the trading of diamonds and precious stones for over 20 years.
The team of diamond dealers at Celinni all have over three years of experience in buying/selling diamonds and precious stones.

Where is the Celinni diamond shop located in Paris ?

The celinni welcomes its kind customers in the historic building of the Parisian diamond dealers located at 9 Buffault street in the 9th district of the capital. You can directly make an appointment at clicking here.

Can we buy finished jewelry in Paris ?

After the sale of your diamond, the Celinni offers a creation service ofengagement rings and of custom-made jewelry. The workshop is located right on site, which makes the gemology course even more interesting.